We are huge fans of bubbles in this house; The bigger the better.

we love bubbles

So Chunk was a very happy boy when he was sent the Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill to test out this week.

The bubbles apparently have a special formula that can create bigger bubbles than most standard bubble liquids, so we were keen to see if this was true.

The Giant Bubble Mill, by Funrise International, is a large machine that blows giant bubbles. It comes with an 8oz bottle of bubble solution and the mill features a rotating wheel that blows large bubbles non-stop.

This means I don’t have to keep blowing or waving the bubbles around for Chunk, which is always a win-win for me.

As you can see from the photo above, we managed to produce some great bubbles! It was easy to use and I did’t have to top it up every five minutes like I have had to do with other similar products.

Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill

You can get refills in various sizes up to 4 litres which means he can pop bubbles for hours when the warmer weather comes!

This mill can be bought from ASDA Online or Argos.

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