3 Things I Love About… New York

23rd January 2015
Accor Hotels are hosting a brilliant blogger competition at the moment about your three favourite things about your favourite city.

In 2007 I took my mum and sister to New York as a 40th birthday present for my mum. We went in winter when it snowed, but we had the time of our lives.

New York is the best place I have ever visited and if I ever got the chance to live there I would not hesitate! I do have family living there, so you never know…

The Three Things I Love About New York:


grand central station new york
Grand Central Station

The first thing I noticed about NYC is how beautiful every building is, even corner shops and pharmacies are in huge, intricate, detailed buildings! I never got bored walking around every single street as there was always a few beautiful buildings to gawp at and take photos of.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a digital camera at the time so I don’t have decent photos to blow up into canvases for my flat (great excuse to go again though!).

My favourite building by far was Grand Central Station, which was literally a thirty second walk from our hotel.
As soon as you walk inside it your mouth drops in shock- it’s stunning!

The ceiling in particular was magnificent. It’s amazing to think that so much work and effort went into creating a stunning building that’s just used for public transport- you wouldn’t get that here in the UK!


I love my food and in particular my big portions, so I was not disappointed!

I of course had a traditional New York bagel for my breakfast every morning (smothered in peanut butter…heaven!) and I could not get over how cheap the food was!

Bagels and Cobb Salad

We ate out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and hardly broke into our dollars. Starbucks, a notoriously expensive coffee shop in the UK, was half the price there which I couldn’t get over!

I ordered a Cobb Salad which was my favourite dish whilst I was there and I could not finish it (a first for me I can tell you). It was HUGE and delicious, I still need to look at how that’s made so I can replicate it at home now I think about it…


This is an obvious one that is probably on most people’s favourite lists when it comes to the Big Apple. I took an empty suitcase and it was full to the brim when I returned home.
We went to an outlet store just outside of the city and it was bargain central.

My mum got a gorgeous leather coat which retailed at £220 and she paid £30!

Shopping Heaven

I got Nike running shoes worth £100 for £20, half price Disney souvenirs, sunglasses and so much more.

On Madison Avenue I came across the XOXO handbags and fell in love- I have only ever found them in TK Maxx stores over here but at triple the price.

And on Times Square we had fun in the large toy shop with the musical piano made famous in the classic film ‘Big’ before eating ourselves into a coma in the M&M shop.

We were there for four days and didn’t get through even half of what the city had to offer, so I am desperate to go back as I never got to walk through Central Park, do the Sex and the City tour (I will always be that show’s number one fan) and of course to do lots more shopping.

Fingers crossed I can save enough money over the years so I can take Chunk there for the first time!

This blog post is an entry for the Tale of Three Cities competition which closes 25 January 2015. No payment was received for this post so all opinions are honest and my own. 

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