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Tips for Teaching Your Child About the Coronavirus (Covid-19) & How They Can Reduce Risks of Getting or Spreading It

Trying to reduce the risk of your family contracting this virus is important. Whilst most people who have had Covid-19 have only had mild symptoms and recovered fully, it’s dangerous for people will poor immune systems. This reason alone is why it’s important to reduce the risk, as I don’t know a single person who hasn’t got somebody within their network who has health problems that this virus could potentially kill.

DIY/ UPCYCLING: Chunk’s Chest of Drawers

One of the things that has caught my eye recently is upcycling furniture using chalk paint, and also using napkins or wallpaper to decoupage.

I’ve learnt quite a bit about what are the better ways to do these things from the thousands of people who have posted their projects on the groups and by watching the odd YouTube tutorial. So this week I finally felt ready to attempt my very first piece: Some chest of drawers for my son.

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