Adding Some Colour to Our Home with Photowall (Includes 25% discount code)

23rd September 2020

It’s amazing how changing one small thing can have a big effect isn’t it?

Since moving into this house nearly two years ago I’ve been slowly decorating it, using quirky homeware ideas. The entire place is white and I’m fine with that as it keeps rooms looking bright, spacious and fresh.

But after a while it all looks the same, so I’m creating feature walls to liven the place up a bit! After painting a red feature wall in my son’s room, I’ve now decided to spruce up our upstairs hallway.

Photowall has a range of wall murals, prints, posters and designer wallpapers. There’s also an option to use your own photo images and turn them into wallpaper (I may attempt this for my bedroom).

Photowall Honeycomb paper
The Honeycomb Yellow Design by Summer House

I ordered a gorgeous Honeycomb Yellow paper by Summer House and within a couple of days it was delivered to my door.

They print the wallpaper digitally to order based on the measurements you input onto the website. This is handy, because so many times I’ve bought wallpaper and miscalculated how much I’ve needed, so had to go back to the shop and hope they had some left!

The rolls feature dotted lines based on your measurements, so you can cut straight lines between each sheet of paper so you don’t over/undercut each sheet to avoid excess wastage.

The paper comes with wallpaper paste, and you can also order a wallpaper kit. The kit includes a brush for applying glue, a seam roller for making the seams invisible, a paperhanging brush for smoothing the strips, a knife and cutting guide for trimming excess wallpaper, plus a spirit level, pencil and tape measure.

Wallpaper kit from Photowall
Wallpaper Kit from Photowall


As you can see from these photos I had a bland, white upstairs hallway. I wanted something bold to contrast against the white, so went from Honeycomb Yellow because it’s vibrant with geometric white lines.

Before photo of landing
My Hallway Before Decorating

I decided to paper around the window and at the opposite end where I have a full-length mirror. I didn’t want to paper the largest wall, because sometimes using two smaller walls has a better contrasting effect.

The window area has interesting ceiling dips around it, so I felt this would work nicely with the print. I have three green succulents on the windowsill which would also compliment the yellow paper.

Before mirror decorating
Other End of Landing Before Photo
(can you see my man wallpapering in the reflection?!)

I wanted the small wall at the opposite end also papered to brighten up that end of the landing.


The two feature walls took a few hours (with a lunchbreak) because the main wall was tricky with the window. The wallpaper is numbered which makes the process a lot easier, especially when trying to line up the complex pattern.

The paper went up nice and easy, and didn’t take long to dry. I chose the premium paper to help reduce risk of damage from the children running around my house with dirty fingers and Nerf guns!

Hanging the wallpaper
The Man at Work Using the Cutting Guide

It was clearly premium as it was thick and marks wipe off easily with a wet cloth leaving no damage.

My partner found the tools useful, particularly the cutting guide around my odd-shaped ceiling edges. The only issue we had was near the window which had some small bumps we didn’t notice so the wallpaper tore slightly. Thankfully the blind will cover those as I didn’t want to waste excess paper re-doing that section, when I could use them on the downstairs hallway instead.


I think it’s made a huge difference! The colour has brightened the hallway up so much and the space looks more open and vibrant than before.

I’m now considering whether the blind and carpet needs changing, or if they match?!

After photo of the papered window
After: It Looks So Bright & Vibrant!

The wall with the mirror may be small but it really has made a big difference. Thankfully my purple plant pot and mirror match the dark yellow so I don’t need to repaint them.

I may paint the bannister and/or handrail dark yellow, but will have to think about this a little bit more.

After photo of opposite end
It Matches the Purple Mirror Well

Overall I’m pleased with the finished product, and the decorating process was a lot easier than I’ve experienced previously.

It was easy to order, set up and use, and the quality of the paper is brilliant, so I shall definitely look at using more Photowall designs or creating my own for the other blank canvases around my house!

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Disclosure: No payment was received for this post. The wallpaper was gifted to test out for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


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