Brighton and Hove Parents Please Help!

6th January 2015
To My Fellow Brighton and Hove Parents,

Please help try to stop Brighton and Hove Council from cutting all of the free library play sessions for babies and toddlers by having your say on their online form here.

Currently there are some brilliant play workers that do weekly free play sessions in all of the libraries in the city once a week and my son loves these, and we have made lovely friends through them. Due to budget cuts they want to stop all of these in March this year.

I personally think they can stop other less important things like spending so much money destroying our roads with all these damaging road bumps and annoying additional cycle lanes (rant over lol).

Please share this with other local people and if you fill in the small survey to tell them you don’t agree as it may make a difference!

UPDATE: The local newspaper The Argus has spotted my blog and this particular issue and wrote about it, check us out!

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