Christmas Gift Guide for Men, Women & Couples 2021- Including Discount Codes

19th November 2021

Is it really that time for a Christmas gift guide again already?!

The festive period is fast approaching so I’ve decided to try and be useful to you by providing gift ideas for the various people and animals you have in your life.

The 2020 Christmas gift guide I wrote for adults still has a lot of great ideas for this year, but I wanted to find more!

This year I’ve managed to find more sustainable and eco-friendly products.

So here’s a list of the gift ideas I’ve found so far, and I hope to keep adding to them over the next few weeks.

I’ve included gift codes* for some of the ideas, because this time of year is pricey!

If you have any great ideas, feel free to add them in the comment below.

The Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Pampering & Wellbeing

Holly Blue Holt

Holly Blue Holt have a gorgeous range of products to promote self-care and wellbeing.

The company’s creators have backgrounds in human behaviour and occupational therapy, so they understand what can help reduce anxiety and increase wellness.

They promote incense, candles and melts, because of the soothing effect that smells on our senses can have on wellbeing. These products can also be used in conjunction with meditation and affirmation work which promote energy healing.

I love their Mind, Body and Soul Collection which features some gift sets perfect for those who want to increase their self-care.

The Refresh and Renew Gift Set features large and medium candles, giving you upto 120 hours of burning time, which are vegan and cruelty-free.

The set also includes a bag of botanical wax melts that can melt for 80 hours!

The Time for Me Gift Set is another lovely gift that is perfect for pampering self-care time.

Each box contains 1 scented candle (made from natural coconut and rapeseed wax), a box of botanical melts, chocolate bar and a pair of wool blend socks. 

You can choose the colour and scent that enhances certain moods with the following combinations for both giftsets:

  • Red – Rose, Violet and Lily (Passion & Prosperity)
  • Orange – Blood Orange and Gogi Berry (Energy & Inspiration)
  • Yellow – Lemongrass and Ginger (Joy & Enlightenment)
  • Green – Bergamot and Patchouli (Health & Harmony)
  • Blue – Rock Salt & Drift Wood (Peace & Tranquillity)
  • Indigo – Black Amber and Lavender (Truth & Wisdom)
  • Violet – Black Raspberry & Vanilla (Imagination & Insight)

There’s a lovely range of candles and melts to choose from, and I love that their products are made sustainably in the UK.


Qappy was created by three Happiness Facilitators to help people relax, reflect, and build habits for a happier life.

It’s a monthly subscription box which encourages you to bring elements of nature into your life, both indoors and outdoors.

Nature is a powerful tool in helping heal and improve the mind, and this box has various activities that help you reconnect with nature whilst having self-care time.

Each box consists of:

  • Fun activities, such as growing your own herbs, creating artwork using pebbles, nature bingo and even origami.
  • Indulgent treats, including luxurious tea, scented candles and plant-based snacks.
  • Digital content to aid each activity, using QR codes on your phone. These include visualisation exercises, podcasts and fun facts.
  • Mood-setters such as Spotify playlists and instruction guides.

There are also two other subscription boxes: Sleep and Rest, and Living Mindfully, so there’s likely to be one that would suit one of your harder to buy for friends or family!

You can buy a one-off box, or save money by having a monthly subscription.


Get 15% off your first Qappy box using the code Claire15 (no expiry currently). 

See some of their boxes in action on Qappy’s Instagram Grid.

Hair Boss

Leading hair expert Lisa Shepherd created The Hair Boss to help people achieve healthy hair.

Derived from the idea of mixing skincare with haircare, these vegan and cruelty-free products were created!

The Hair Boss has launched XXL sizes of their most loved products, which would make great stocking fillers for anyone who likes to take care of their hair.

Pink background with a range of Hair Boss products stood side by side. Christmas gift guide idea.

The XXL range is available from December, and includes The Hair Boss Overworked Shampoo, Conditioning Lotion and Double Hair Mask Bond Restorer.

It will launch on The Hair Boss site and Amazon in December.

I’ve always loved their Scalp Soothing Tonic, which helps manage the dermatitis on my scalp and eases the itchiness it causes.


Soundcore Earbuds

I’ve become a huge podcast fan this year, to the extent where I’ve even created my own pod, MindVox.

Being able to listen to things that are educational, funny, emotional and inspiring while I walk the dog or do my housework is great.

It’s almost like I’m practising self-care whilst doing my chores!

I’ve got hands-free kits, but the wires are constantly catching on my clothes while I’m on the move, so I now have earbuds which have eliminated this problem.

The Life P3 wireless earbuds from Soundcore are pocket-sized, noise-cancelling earbuds that offer incredible sound.

They come in five colours (I have sky blue) and have a clever multi-mode that blocks out irritating background noises in the different environments we can find ourselves in.

Sky blue ear pods with a white background.

My favourite part about them is the bass they offer. They have 11mm drivers and BassUp technology to enhance your sound experience.

They’re not just for listening to music and pods, as you can also live stream or make and receive phone calls and video chats.

With six microphones and noise reduction capabilities, they offer crystal-clear clarity when talking to people or gaming.

When fully charged you can get 7 hours of play, which increases to 35 hours with the compact charging case that offers wireless charging.

If the person you want to buy them for loses things easily, they even have a find my earbuds setting!

Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers have been popular for the last few years, but many have poor sound quality.

The Motion Boom Bluetooth Speaker by Anker defies this by giving amazing sound and bass, and it’s even waterproof.

We’re not talking just being able to cope with a few splashes either- it can be put in water and play whilst floating back to the surface!

It’s made with drivers that have 100% titanium diaphragms for perfect sound even at loud volumes.

Impressively it can play for up to 24 hours before charging again, and you can carry on using it whilst it’s on charge.

Anker Nano II Fast Charger

Charging devices quickly is important for people always on the go, so this would make a great gift for the busy people in your life.

The Nano II Fast Charger by Anker is small, but powerful.

It can charge a many devices up to three times faster than normal chargers.

The USB-C charging plug is compatible with various Apple and Android devices, as well as AirPods and wireless charging devices.

A black Anker charging plug with a white background. Christmas gift guide idea.

Gooseneck Charging Cable

The Gooseneck Charging Cable provides quick USB charging for iPhones.

You can position the bendable cable however you like and it’ll stay that way.

It even comes with two clips for balancing it on a flat surface.

A Gooseneck charging cable holding a phone up with a white background.

Food & Drink

Cooking With Alcohol Recipe Book

Cooking With Alcohol by Arron and Susannah Rickard is perfect for the people in your life who love to cook incredible food.

This recipe book shows you how to use your favourite alcoholic drinks to bring amazing depth and complexity to your cooking.

Recipes include anything from easy midweek dinners, to comfort foods, special meals to luxurious desserts.

A couple of my favourites include the rich Chorizo in Red Wine and Honey, and the Salted Caramel and Spiced Rum Brownies!

Award-winning food writer James Steen has tried the book and said;

This is a cookbook that presents a smorgasbord of interesting – and often unexpected – combinations to dip into at your pleasure. Cooking with Alcohol is lovingly researched, and with easy-to-follow recipes will add an unforgettable twist to any feast”. james steen

This makes a fantastic gift for a foodie, wine-lover, or sociable friend who loves to host a dinner party!

The book has more than 100 recipes, including Prosecco Panna Cotta, Tequila and Habanero Salmon, and Whisky & Maple Cupcakes which are on my list to make next!

Victoria Mae Designs

Tea Gift sets from Victoria Mae Designs are a unique and original gift idea.

Whether you want gifts for friends, family or even work colleagues, they have a great range of festive sets.

The gift sets come with a choice of 8, 16 or 24 teabags individually packaged in lovingly handsewn paper envelopes.

The teas are sourced from well known British tea companies and you have a number of different flavour options to choose from.

Inside each envelope is a flavour card or tag explaining which tea flavour it contains.

Each set includes a choice of recyclable packaging options: a card box, a small paper gift bag, or loose envelopes wrapped in tissue paper.

I previously reviewed their gifts for teachers set and have recently been sent their Christmas Tea and Mindfulness giftsets.


To get 10% off any of their range, just use the code SINGLEPARENTPESSIMIST at the checkout.

Say It With Champers

Champagne is always a lovely gift, so how about making it personalised?

Say It With Champers offer a range of alcoholic gifts, including Christmas-themed Champagne, mini Prosecco and even Vegan Champagne.

A bottle of champagne with the words 'Merry Christmas' with a blue and white background on the label, stood on front of a few more of the same style bottle in a pyramid shape on a wooden floor.

They have two Christmas designs to choose from, but also have a large range of personalised bottles for other occasions, including New Year’s Eve and birthdays.

The bottles and bottle necks can be personalised with names, dates and more.

Sentimental Gifts


LOVELOX is a British jewellery brand specialising in heart personalised silver lockets.

These silver lockets are made by hand from precious metals and natural diamonds, and come in two chain lengths.

The lockets can be personalised with two photos, which you can upload directly onto the website.

They can be engraved on the front to add a sentimental touch, and there’s also a template to check before ordering.

I have two of their necklaces, and on the first I engraved the front with the initials of myself and my partner.

It’s great that you can choose the size and font to suit your theme.

Photos that I chose to include were of my partner, son, step-sons and dog.

For the second I used photos of my nan and uncle who have recently passed away, to keep them close to me.

Engraver’s Guild

This company have a gorgeous personalised bracelet range for both children and adults.

I have got their silver disc personalised friendship bracelet with pink luxury cord from MYRI London for my niece this year.

It is a solid sterling silver engraved bracelet which can showcase a name or date on the silver disc.

The wording is carefully engraved on the curve of the circle in a choice of fonts.

All engraving is carried out with the finest quality diamond-tipped cutters, which ensures the inscription will last indefinitely to become a treasured keepsake forever.

Belle Fever

Belle Fever create personalised pieces that are special to you.

They have a gorgeous range of jewellery, celebrating love, family and memories.

You can decide on the tones and inscriptions, as well as include photos, handwriting and symbols that you treasure.

Their jewellery includes charm bracelets, photo necklaces, keyrings, earrings, memorial pieces, lockets, tag necklaces that play songs and even necklaces featuring your child’s drawings.


I have a 15% discount code for any of their jewellery, which can be found at the bottom of the review I wrote here.

Rock Solid Rings

The Wonder Ring range from Rock Solid Rings is made from the central core of the highest grade Tungsten Carbide.

This is mixed with other metals to produce what they describe as the hardest ring metal ever made.

Each ring is shaped and domed to prevent catching and snagging by master craftsmen.

They’re hypo-allergenic and they don’t leave any marks when you take them off.

Wonder Rings can be worn under water, and won’t tarnish or oxidise, and are scratch-resistant.

It can be worn as an engagement ring, a wedding ring or even a promise ring.

Impressively, there’s 28 design combinations to choose from, including four widths, 20 finger sizes and six finishes; Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Blue and Original.


I’m giving away a Wonder Ring on this blog post here (closes 30 Nov 2021).

I also have a 20% discount code with no expiry date.

Simply enter SPP20 at the checkout.

Bracelets from Prima Berry

Clothing & Accessories


PrimaBerry is the combination of the Portuguese word “Prima”, which means “top quality” and the English word “Berry”, associated with health, youth and kindness.

The company believes in giving back, so donate 5% of profits to causes related to education and animal welfare.

They also believe in creating products that are sustainable, by using mostly only environmentally friendly materials and production methods.

Adults and children are catered for on their website, with gifts ranging from clothing, bags, jewellery, to notebooks and umbrellas.

Inspired by the tradition and culture of different countries, they’ve created some gorgeous, unique designs and styles for men, women and children.

For Them

For couples, they have a beautiful range of low-cost jewellery, including Portugese Word Bracelets for him and her.

There’s a choice of three colours; silver, rose gold and gold, and they can be inscribed with one of three words.

You can choose Amor (Portuguese word for love), Liberdade (freedom) or Saudade (refers to a melancholic longing or yearning)

I have the Saudade in silver for my partner and I, as we are in a long-distance relationship and we do miss each other so it is a touching tribute to what we have.


PrimaBerry also have a lovely range of baseball caps and handbags made from cork.

Cork is light and naturally soft, elastic, hypoallergenic, impermeable and easy to clean with just soap and water.

Their cork bag range includes handbags, purses, tote bags, backpacks and cosmetic bags.

I have the Crossbody Bag from their Map Collection which is a lovely natural cork colour, with brown, blue and silver printing.

It has internal and external zip compartments, and is made from high quality cork that is easy to maintain.

The baseball caps are vegan, water repellent and come in a range of colours to suit men and women.

IDentity Lingerie

I’m a huge lover of UK family-run businesses, so was pleased to find one that sells ethically handmade, custom-sized lingerie.

IDentity Lingerie have lovely satin nightie and dressing gown ranges, including bridal options.

As you know I’m now engaged, and despite not knowing when we will be able to marry, I’ve already started buying clothing for the honeymoon!

Thankfully they cater for plus-size too, as well as custom sizing if, like me, you are between two sizes or have different upper and lower body sizes.

High quality fabrics are used, and everything is handmade in Europe.

I love their black lace bralette as there’s no underwire, it flatters curvier shapes and is so comfortable.


For the men in your life, TrendHim have a great range of gift ideas.

From shaving kits and beard care, cufflinks, watches and jewellery, to hats, scarves and bags, they have something for every guy.

These Black Strapped Leather Gloves are perfect for the current winter months, as they’re made from soft and supple sheepskin.

The gloves have a fleece lining and are cleverly designed by Salt & Hide to be touch screen compatible.

Another winter must-have is the Kaleb Off-White Merino Kane Beanie from the Danish company.

This off-white beanie is made from soft, warm merino wool and keeps you toasty without sweating and comfortable without itching.

Quirky Presents

Solar Queen

For those who love The Royals, The Solar Queen may be perfect for them.

It’s a solar powered ornament in the shape of Her Majesty, which comes in a range of outfit colours.

You can place her somewhere sunny and watch her hand do the royal wave!

A range of ornamental British Queens outside on a pavement. They are in pink and light blue and are waving with a white glove on.

Dachshund Planter

If, like me, you have a sausage dog in your life, or you know somebody who does, this is ideal.

The Dachshund Planter from Men Kind is a cute planter which is perfect for a green-fingered dog lover.

It’s made from quality ceramic and has a leak-free design, so you can enjoy some herb or flower growing on your window sill with no mess.

A light brown dachshund dog-shaped planter with some herbs growing from the top of it.

Top Trumps

Top Trumps is a classic card game and these days there’s Trump packs on topics to suit everyone’s tastes!

The game involves comparing your cards with your opponents to see who has the higher scores.

They have an Only Fools and Horses version where you can find out who is most intelligent- is it Rodney, Del Boy or Uncle Albert?

Who is the best Wheeler Dealer?

Each game comes with a lightweight plastic case, so you can take it anywhere.

I love the Friends version, as that TV show was a firm favourite throughout my childhood.

With that version you get to relive some classic moments between the six friends, including The One With The Giant Poking Device, and The One With All The Thanksgivings.

There’s a whopping 500 questions you can answer!

You can purchase a range of Trump sets from Winning Moves.

Cross Stitch Clock

If you saw on one of my recent Instagram Reels, I’ve been trying cross stitch, and it’s so relaxing!

I was pleased to find this Cross Stitch Clock, which enables you to enjoy some cross stitch and then end up with a useful finished piece!

You can choose from four different designs depending on how you want your clock face to look.

There are 12 colour thread options, a bamboo hoop frame, canvas, needles and clock mechanism included in the pack, so you have everything you need.

A person's hands holding a bamboo hoop frame and cross stitching clock hands.

Useful Gifts

Bike Parka

Does anyone in your life cycle?

BikeParka is an independent UK based company with over 25 year’s experience producing some fantastic bike covers.

These all-weather bicycle covers are the perfect stocking filler for the cyclist in your life.

These covers come in four different sizes with a variety of eye-catching colours, and offer tough protection against the winter weather.

They’re engineered to protect your bike against snow, ice and rain, and offers the highest UV protection too.

Made from ripstop, a woven, lightweight material which offers great quality and protection for your bike.

It even comes with a handy sac that it can be stuffed into when you’re out and about.

My stepsons have the BikeParka Urban Bike Cover which fits most mountain bikes. It has a slot on each side of the cover for a bike lock to go through and offers great waterproof protection.

There are some for BMX bikes, XL and Cargo ones (for extra large bikes), as well as totes and waterproof backpack covers to keep your bags protected during your cycle.

My boys are big fans of the camo and bold colour cover options, but there’s also plain black and grey choices.

Notebooks & Journals

This year journaling has been something I’ve explored and found great comfort from.

The brain processes things better when we write things by hand, and whilst I’m trying to do this, I want to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.

The PrimaBerry notebooks range are entirely natural books made from sustainable, high quality Portuguese cork and recycled paper.

They come in a range of colours and styles, including this Passion Red one, which makes you feel passionate and energized.

Dark red notebook laying on Christmas themed green and red bushes.


If your loved one is a fan of eco-friendly gifts, FOOGO Green are for you!

FOOGO Green believe in bringing environmentally sustainable products to everyone.

They offer a range of products that are a great alternative to plastic disposables which are ideal for Christmas and New Year parties.

A Christmas themed dinner table using wooden, reusable cutlery and plates.

The products are made from palm leaf found in Asia and they degrade naturally, going back to where they came from rather than in landfill.

Not only are they kind to the environment, but they’re also stylish with a natural wood finish.

There’s a variety of shapes and sizes for plates and bowls, wheat straws that don’t disintegrate into your drink and also bamboo ones that are reusable.

*This post contains some affiliate links, meaning if you purchase through these links, I might receive a small commission.
All opinions are honest and my own.


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