Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults, Teens and Children 2023

12th December 2023

Looking for any last minute Christmas gift ideas for adults, teens and children?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

This guide has some gift ideas for everyone, and even a discount code or two.

Each gift can be purchased online, so no busy, loud crowds which is great for those who are ADHD, Autistic, or both (like me) too.

If you struggle to plan and coordinate Xmas gifts, I hope this guide and my previous ones will be helpful.

For Adults


Wolf & Zephyr

Ethical jeweller, Wolf & Zephyr, have stunning ranges that include necklaces, ear cuffs, rings and vintage pieces.

The company uses eco-friendly packaging and methods to ethically manufacture and source their materials.

All pieces are made from recycled sterling silver, gold vermeil, 14ct gold and ethically sourced, conflict-free gemstones from India.

Their stunning Moonstone Tibetan Cross Necklace remains one of my favourite pieces to wear.

Their new range includes a gorgeous Zephyr Star Ring which comes in sterling silver or gold vermeil.

There’s also a vintage range with items like a yellow gold Vintage Rope Infinite Knot Bangle and many other potential Christmas gift ideas.

Discount Code

For 10% off their products (including sale items!) use the code SPP10 at the checkout.

There’s no expiry for this code, and it can be used as often as you like across the year!


Lighthouse Clothing

Christmas gift ideas can include things that are both stylish and useful, such as outdoor clothing for all weather elements.

Lighthouse Clothing have a large range of outdoor clothes for men, women and children.

Their Beachcomber Jacket comes in a range of colours, including a bold pink.

It’s waterproof, windproof and is lightweight for use during cooler summer evenings as well as winter weather.

The range includes waterproof hats for men and women, which can feel more comfortable to use compared to hoods.

The Storm Rain Hat is a wide-brimmed hat that comes in various shades, and is crafted to stay on securely during windy weather.

This hat matches a couple of their coats including the Outback Full-Length Waterproof Raincoat which is a modern take on a classic country look.

As well as being stylish, the coat’s practical for all winter weather, as it’s waterproof, windproof and has a warm inner lining.

I have this in black and it’s been a life saver whilst watching my son’s football training in the pouring rain and blustery winds!

For Home

Christmas gift ideas can include useful things for the home.

Personalised Pet Toy Crates

Toy storage for your precious pooches or cats can be stylish too!

Laser Made Occasions create personalised wooden pet crates to store toys or other accessories in various styles.

There are designs for cats and dogs, which can be personalised with your pet’s name for a personal touch.

For the festive period, there’s even pet Christmas Eve boxes!

Discount Code

New customers can get 5% off orders until 31st December 2023 using the code WELCOME5.

Clothes Doctor

Clothes Doctor have a range of sustainably-sourced bundles and gift sets to benefit your home.

Their Rescue, Treat, Protect Scent Bag Collection features three scented fragrance bags to keep wardrobes fresh whilst protecting clothes from moths.

Each organic bag lasts for three months and features a natural anti-moth repellent.

Scents include:

  • ‘Rescue Me’ – Chamomile, Rose Petals, Rhubarb, and Lavender
  • ‘Treat Me’ – Orange, Cinnamon, Star Anise, and Cloves
  • ‘Protect Me’ – Lavender, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, and Patchouli

Another gift set is their Knitwear Mist Duo which help protect knitted clothing from moths and reduce the need for washing them.

This duo is cruelty-free and features the fragrances of cedarwood/vanilla, and lavender/thyme.


The Guitar Grater from Kikkerland is a quirky product to use in your kitchen.

Made from stainless steel, it’s ergonomic design helps give a comfortable grip whilst grating your food.

With small grater points, this is ideal for creating fine shavings of chocolate, citrus fruits and cheese.

Silver cheese grater in the shape of a guitar as one of the Christmas gift ideas.

For Younger Children

Laser Made Occasions

Storage is vital for children’s toys, and doesn’t have to look dull.

Laser Made Occasions do a lovely range of toy boxes including the aircraft one pictured below.

Their toy boxes come in many designs to suit a range of interests, including crafts, dinosaurs and sport.

Each box can be personalised with names, dates or other wording too.

Order by 12pm on 20th December to get them in time for Christmas!

Discount Code

There’s free standard UK shipping on all orders, and new customers get 5% off until 31st December 2023 using the code WELCOME5.

Wooden storage box with the words 'Joshua's Aircraft' and some airplane drawings on it.


Kikkerland have a lovely range of Christmas gift ideas for kids, including some stocking fillers.

Flexible Silicone Flying Discs are great indoors and out, because they are made from silicone and are lightweight.

Their versatile, flexible and come in three different themes: pizza, watermelon and donut.

Perfect for outdoor fun in the garden, at the park, or a winters walk on the beach.

As well as discs, they have Dizzy Monster Spin Tops in three designs, which show mesmerizing patterns as they spin.

A modern take on a classic toy that never gets boring!

For Older Kids and Teens


Nerf Bunkr Inflatable Battle is really fun for those who love to play with Nerf guns and want to play battlefield-style.

The pack contains an inflatable stacker, barrel and tyre which are large enough to hide behind during battle.

They can be used anywhere, both indoors and outside, and are great for Nerf parties, laser tag and even water fights.

For those who like to stash ammo, there’s even integrated foam dart storage for easy reload.

You can add water to the base of the inflatables for additional stability when outside too.

Target Practice

A Digital Target adds more challenges for toys like Nerf and X-Shot guns.

This particular target has a digital scoreboard and falls down whenever the target’s hit.

It’s especially perfect for Nerf N-strike Elite Series, Mega Series and Rival Series.

The wristband and 40 Refill Darts also provide extra firepower and ammo.

Gaming Accessories

A high-performing mouse is important for gamers, like the Razer Basilisk V3.

It has various settings and eleven programmable buttons to help improve the gaming experience.

The ergonomic design with thumb rest allows comfort when playing for longer than they’re probably allowed to!

Gamers also need high-quality keyboards to go with their mouse, like the Cynosa V2 from Razer.

It’s fully programmable for more efficient gaming, great for each unique gamer’s style.

Using 16.8 million colours, the back-lit keyboard can be personalised with dynamic lighting effects during each game.

Alongside these, the New Bee low-cost headset stand saves desktop space to store gaming headset or music headphones.

Soft, protective rubber is used to cushion the headphones and prevent scratches too.

Board Games for All

Traitors Card Game

Based upon the popular TV show, The Traitors Card Game is for players aged 8+ and includes digital features.

Can you outwit your fellow players and survive to the end in this ultimate test of trust and treachery?

The Faithfuls must work together to identify the Traitors whilst trying to build up a central pot of prize money.

Be banished by the Faithful’s vote or even murdered by The Traitor.

Any traitors that stay undetected until the end can steal the prize fund.

Christmas Games Card Game

The Christmas Games Card Game features a variety of quizzes, challenged and classic family games.

Each game has a Christmas theme, and it’s full of fun for all of the family.

It’s designed for everybody aged 12+ and provides endless enjoyment during the festive period.

Box of the Christmas Games Card Game.

Top It

Top It is an edge-of-your-seat party game for anyone ages 10+.

Players race to place their cones on letter discs whilst calling out examples to teasing topics.

However, any of the players can ‘top it’ with another answer and then place their cone on top of the original player’s one.

Only the last cone counts!

Front view of the Top It board game packaging.

Cheatwell Christmas-Opoly

We all know the classic Monopoly, and this is just that with a festive twist.

Cheatwell’s Christmas-Opoly is designed to capture the magic of Christmas, offering a unique and joyous experience for players.

The familiar streets of classic Monopoly are transformed into charming holiday-themed properties, including “Christmas Tree Lane” and “Holiday Feast.

From Santa’s Workshop to the North Pole, each space on the board is a festive destination waiting to be explored.

The game mechanics are easy to grasp, allowing younger members of the family to participate in this holiday adventure.

Other Gift Ideas and Discount Codes

If you liked these ideas, find some more in last year’s guide for adults which includes some great discount codes.

For older kids and teenagers, check out the Christmas Gift Guide for Kids and Teens I wrote last year.

And for the pooches in your life, there’s also a range of Gift Guides on this site for Dogs.

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All opinions are honest and my own.
*Some affiliate links are included, meaning I might get a tiny commission if you were to purchase through the link.

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