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Gift Ideas for Kids This Christmas

4th November 2020

*May contain affiliate links, meaning if you purchase through them I might receive a small commission*

Yes it’s that time of year again, so I’ve been hunting for gifts for my son and the various children in my network and as usual it’s not easy!

Regardless of the year we’re having I always buy online where I can, so here’s some of my favourite finds so far!

Christmas Eve Box

Treat Republic Christmas Range

These days Christmas Eve boxes have become so popular for kids to enjoy before the big day.

I love filling them with Christmas decorations, DVDs and books, and we open ours on December 1st so we can enjoy it all month.

For the last few years I’ve used one made from an old box wrapped in Christmas paper, but it’s getting tatty so I got an upgrade!

A wooden box with the words Christmas with the Jacobs Butcher family written on it
Our Family’s Christmas Eve Box

I got a personalised box from Treat Republic’s Christmas collection, because they have a range of shapes, sizes and personalisation.

Our Family’s Christmas Eve Box is my favourite, because I like the red and green design, with a snowflake and holly. The wooden box seems sturdy and well made, and it shuts using a clasp.

The box is personalised to include our family name and I hope it lasts for years to come.

Educational Toys

Edible Education Boxes by Avocado Kids

Educating kids about where their food comes from and ways to eat tasty, healthy food is so important these days.

Avocado Kids is a clever creation of Gabby Delellis who is a self-taught chef raised on a Sussex farm.

She believes in teaching children about their food in a fun way, so created a postal food education box.

An Avocado Kids box with the contents displayed in front of it- including shopping list, apron, recipes, grater and map.
An Avocado Kids Subscription Box

These packs can be bought as a one-off, or can be a subscription of 6 or 12 months. They include 4 themed recipes, a shopping list, creative activities, free gifts, an apron and more.

The boxes aim to teach children new life skills in the kitchen department, as well as teaching them about growing vegetables and encouraging creative fun.

There’s even a Spotify music playlist they can listen to as they cook!


DesignNest MagnetCubes Rollercoaster Marble Run enables kids to make modular magnetic buildings.

No glue or connectors are needed, as each cube is fully magnetic. As soon as you open the box you’re ready to start building!

Magnetcube box and the cubes in the shape of a large cuboid
(Photo from

The 64 cubes can build various structures, including rollercoasters. There are countless designs to create, it just requires imagination!

My son is a keen builder so I can imagine these will be all over the house once he’s got them.

Puzzle Cars

Puzzle Cars London Bus features a 16-piece puzzle vehicle track which is both fun and educational. The track pieces can link together to make fifty different combinations of track!

It comes with the iconic London Bus and shows the classic tourist destinations of the city.

The box containing the London bus puzzle car track is in front of a toy Santa and snowman
Puzzle Cars London Bus

The track can help children develop motor and language skills as well as teaching problem-solving techniques.

This gift is recommended for ages 3+, so perfect for younger ones.


Geomag have a huge range of sets that kids of all ages can enjoy, and I’ve been buying sets for my son for a couple of years now as he loves them.

I’ve got the Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal this year. The building set has 96 pieces and can teach children about magnetic forces, gravity and science.

The box for the Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal gift set
Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal

It’s a game for up to four players and helps to also teach kids about accuracy, dexterity and timing.

If you have children who love to build, create and enjoy playing with magnets, then this is a great option for them.

Toys And Bears Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are both fun and educational. They can help improve children’s concentration, hand and eye co-ordination, as well as encouraging colour and shape matching.

Toys and Bears have a great range of puzzles, like this Barbie Glitter Jigsaw Puzzle which has 108 sparkly pieces and is designed for children aged 4+.

The Barbie Jigsaw puzzle box resting by some tinsel and christmas-themed cushions
Puzzles Make Great Stocking Fillers

Once the puzzle is completed kids can then decorate it with jewels and stickers that are included too!

Toys and Bears also have a fab range of arts, crafts, teddies and other educational toys that would make great stocking fillers.

Dr Zigs Bubbles

What child doesn’t like bubbles?! These are always a great gift, and I recently came across Dr Zigs who offer a brilliant range of bubble sets for adults, kids and even dogs!

My First Giant Bubble Kit has everything needed for hours of fun. It includes enough bubble mix to create more than 1000 giant bubbles so will keep them entertained for hours.

The kit also contains a giant rope and wands, with tips, tricks and instructions on how to make the biggest bubbles.

A box of Dr Zigs bubbles in front of a toy snowman
Dr Zigs My First Giant Bubble Kit

It’s ideal for children aged 3-7 years, and for older children there’s the Jumbo Kit which is part of my Adult Gift Guide.

Bubbles are apparently great for helping to reduce anxiety, which during the current climate is never a bad thing.

A percentage of every sale of Dr Zig’s bubbles is currently going to a fundraiser to buy ventilators for an intensive care unit too.

Non-Gender Specific Toys

Not Only Pink And Blue

I’ve tried hard to teach my son to not see certain colours or toys as specific to a gender. As a toddler he had dolls, a buggy and toys of various colours including a baby pink keyboard.

It’s great to see there’s now companies that sell gifts to help remove the gender stereotypes that our society has created over the years.

Not Only Pink And Blue are an online shop who sell kid’s clothes, books and toys that challenge the pink/blue divide. Their motto is to let children be children, and they’re challenging the tradition of dressing boys in blue and girls in pink.

They sell dolls like this Hearty Hope Doll from One Dear World, which is great for encouraging and teaching children (under 4 years old) empathy and nurture.

The Hearty Hope Doll and Dungeon Fun book are in front of a toy Santa and snowman
Hearty Hope Doll and Dungeon Fun

The doll’s made from natural cotton, has dark, curly hair and comes with a passport and removable clothes. One Dear World are a small, London business who believe in inclusion and diversity.

For older children (up to 9 years) there are gifts like books including diverse characters like Fun Mudlifter from Dungeon Fun. She’s a human raised by trolls in a castle’s moat. A sword comes out of the sky and becomes the start of her quest of self-discovery, which includes adventures and even some monsters.

It’s refreshing to have a strong female lead in a kids graphic action novel. My son loves to read, and is all about the action/adventure genre, so to find a female lead character he could enjoy made my day!

Books & Magazines


Wonderbly have a brilliant range of personalised books for kids of all ages. I recently got a couple of books which included one from the Your Remarkable Rebels range. I chose three people of history to create a book for my son, and selected with Black History Month in mind.

The book featured Martin Luther King Jnr, Frieda Kahlo and Nelson Mandela and my son loved reading about how they each made positive changes to the World.

Wonderbly Books: My Golden Ticket and Remarkable Rebels

I also got a book for Christmas which is based on the famous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

My Golden Ticket is a personalised journey around Wonka’s Factory inspired by the classic tale. The book can even be ordered to smell like candy and be gift wrapped Wonka style!

You can personalise the books in so many ways, from the look of the child, names, some characters, book format, front cover and even the colour of the book. You can put a personalised message into the front of the book to make it a special keepsake too.

Wonderbly Packaging for their books
Wonderbly Books Can Come Gift Wrapped

There are a range of books they offer for children of all ages, and for many occasions. They have birthday books, personalised books and a great Christmas range, so are perfect for any child’s stocking.

£10 Discount Off Your First Book

To get £10 off a book, try this link and if it doesn’t work, feel free to email me so I can get another link to give you that offer!

I’m also giving away a personalised book from their Christmas range on the blog here (ends 15 Nov 2020).

Scoop Magazine Subscription

Scoop is an award-winning magazine for children aged 7+. It was created in 2016 by mum Clementine Macmillan-Scott after she read a newspaper for children from 1932.

Clementine created a magazine that has a vintage feel inspired by that newspaper, but with the goal to help spark children’s interest in reading.

The recent issue celebrates the contribution of Black British people for Black History Month and is guest edited by award-winning author Sharna Jackson.

An edition of Scoop magazine in front of a toy santa
A Scoop Magazine Subscription is Great For Older Kids

As a child I loved subscribing to a pet charity magazine, because I got to enter competitions that involved teaching me to use my imagination to create stories and Scoop seems similar. They give kids aged 7-13 the opportunity to be a junior editor. All they have to do is send in a short story to win the chance to edit pages and cover designs for future issues.

For Christmas there’s a gift subscription you can buy which only costs £36 for the year!



My son does love his gadgets and the Thunder Glow Drone is right up his street.

It’s part of a radio-controlled range from Buzz Retail and is a medium-sized drone. It has LED lights and can be used indoors and outside.

For the techies out there, it has a 6 axis gyro stabiliser, long range 2.4 GHz control, an automatic trim function and various speeds. The drone has back to home and headless mode too.

The Micro Jet and Thunder Glow in their boxes in front of a toy Santa and snowman
Micro Jet & Thunder Glow

Micro Jet

The Micro Jet is a very small plane that can fly vertically. It has three different speeds, and just like the drone it has a 2.4 GHz remote control that has a long range.

Impressively, it can do a 360 degree flip in the air and even has a self control button so it can fly in circles.

The jet also comes with a rechargeable battery, charger and spare parts.


Pass The Pigs Party

Pass The Pigs Party is a revamp of a classic travel game that has been around for years.

The newest edition now comes with colourful pigs, and the aim of the game is to throw the pigs and how they land determines the points you get.

The Pass the Pigs Party game standing in front of a toy Santa and Snowman
Pass the Pigs Party Game

You can get points for getting a Double Snouter, Piggy Back and even a Leaning Jowler!

The first person to score 100 points wins, and this game is so handy to take on long journeys and holidays with the kids.

Silly Sounds

Silly Sounds is a family party game which involves making silly sounds that are stuck on your headband.

The headband holds cards with the sound description, like ‘a chicken playing the banjo’ and you have to recreate the sound.

Image of the Silly Sounds game box
Silly Sounds Game

You take it in turns to do the sound and to guess the sounds, and the one who guesses the most correct wins.

It’s definitely one for Christmas Day that will get the kids and adults laughing! It’s for ages 8+.

Trolls World Tour Top Trumps

The Trolls World Tour Top Trumps Game is for children ages 4+ and the aim is to make a line of five matching pictures without your opponent knocking them out.

It includes 25 cubes that include various characters from the new movie, like Trollzart, Cloud Guy and of course Queen Poppy.

Trolls World Tour Top Trumps Game standing in front of toy Santa and Snowman
Trolls World Tour Top Trumps Game

The game is easy to set up and has a plastic game grid that folds up and becomes a handy carry case.

This is a great present for any child who loves the Troll movies and it’s easy to travel with too!

Coaster Games

Coaster Games is a great gift for families that enjoy playing games together. It’s from Dark Imp and feature six fames on cardboard coasters.

The rules of each game are on the back of the coasters, with the actual game on the other side.

They are light, small and easy to take on your travels so you can play whenever the kids are bored. Whether it’s during long car journeys, hospital appointments or camping, they are handy to put in the handbag!

The games can be played again and again, and they are plastic-free, so these make a fab stocking filler at only £6.99.

Image of the Coaster Games set of six cardboard games splayed out to see the various options
Coaster Games

Quick Link

Quick Link is a word game for children aged 7+ and the object of the game is to snap up words that are related logically.

Players each get a squeaky suction cup that sticks to words that you want to relate to each other.

Quick Link board game box
Quick Link Game

If an opponent makes a link that isn’t so logical you can also squeeze your stick to call them out.

It’s great for helping children develop verbal reasoning in a way that’s fun!

Fun Gift Ideas for Kids

Wall Racer

The Wall Racer is a sports car with a difference. It is a gravity-defying car that can climb walls and race across ceilings.

It has LED headlights for night time driving, and comes in three different colour combinations.

The car is remote controlled with suction technology to help it use your entire house a racing track.

The car charges directly from the remote and is available on a tri band frequency so you can race 3 cars at the same time too!

Wall Racer and Buzz Snow boxes in front of a toy Santa and Toy snowman
Wall Racer & Buzz Snow

Buzz Snow

Buzz Snow gives kids the chance to have snow whatever the weather is like!

It’s a polymer powder that looks and feels like snow when hydrated, and it never melts.   

The snow looks like sugar until water’s added and it expands up to 100 times its original size. It returns to the sugary substance two and a half weeks later, until next used.

Buzz Snow can go around your Christmas tree, or decorate the house and even be used for playtime in the bath!

Its eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe for children and animals.

Buzzing Stickers

Buzzing Stickers is a fab set where children can create more than 180 3D holographic and metallic stickers.

Simply pick a foam sticker and rub on a colourful foil to make a holographic sticker of your choice.

Buzzing Stickerz box standing in front of toy Santa and snowman
Buzzing Stickerz

The stickers are easy to design and they have 3 stencils and 50 holographic and metallic sheets.

You can never go wrong with creative gifts!

Air Ball

Air Ball enables kids to play ball on any surface using a floating ball.

The ball is designed to create an air bubble which it uses to hover over the ground on.

Air Ball box standing in front of a toy Santa
Air Ball

So children can play with a ball in the house while parents can happily relax knowing nothing can get broken!

This reason alone is enough for me to have got this for my son…

Hair & Beauty Gift Ideas for Kids

Hair Straighteners

If your child is at the age where they like to experiment with hairstyles, the Curls 4 Girls Digital Straightening Brush is great for those who want straightened hair.

Straightening black brush from Curls 4 Girls in a box

The brush has ceramic bristles that straighten as they brush and it has a digital heat control to ensure it’s just right for your hair type.

It can be used for adults and children and is great if you want your hair to be styled quickly.

Hair Chalks

Chalk-It Hair Colouring Chalk is a fun stocking filler for kids that like being artistic with their hair.

This chalk allows you to colour your hair without damaging it and works for all hair types.

selection of Chalk-It hair colouring chalk spread across a white floor
Chalk-It Hair Colouring Chalk
(Photo from

The Chalk-it comes with 4 different colours and can be removed easily by washing out with water.

Thankfully it’s not messy and can be done in seconds!

Body Art Tattoos

Body Art Action Tattoos can create tattoos that last up to a week!

The kit has 50 designs and 6 glitter pots so loads of colour and design combinations can be created.

The tattoos are easy and safe to create, and can be removed quickly with water.

Buzz Art nails and body art boxes standing in front of toy Santa and snowman
Buzz Nails & Buzz Art Body Art

Buzz Nails

The Buzz Nails Classic gift set is an artistic way for kids to express themselves.

Fashionable and fun nail designs can be created in just a few minutes.

Each of the 8 colours in the set comes with a micro pen and a brush.

Nails can be decorated in three steps, simply brush on the base and design layers before penning on the design detail.

Any Other Gift Ideas for Kids?

If you have any other ideas to add to this list, please comment them below, thank you!

No payment was received for this post. Some items were gifted to test out and I then chose to review them. All opinions are honest and my own. May contain affiliate links.


  • Kelly

    6th November 2020 at 5:42 pm

    Some great ideas. I’ve got my 7 year old some Geomag this year and they both had wonderbly books last year that they loved. Definitely going to look into some of your other suggestions. Thank you.

  • Ashleigh

    6th November 2020 at 6:01 pm

    Some great choices here! ? love the idea of silly sounds haha! Anything like that is right up our street!

    Love, Ashleigh!

  • Helen Copson

    6th November 2020 at 6:21 pm

    Some great ideas on this list. My boys would love the silly sounds game or the Trolls one.

  • Oli Harris

    6th November 2020 at 6:43 pm

    Claire, I love the Xmas eve box idea, I can’t believe I never actually heard of this before… must have been under a rock!

    I have however heard of some of these noisy games and I believe there might be a few of them hear already judging by the racket coming from the play area!

    A nice post, and actually has given me some ideas. Thanks for writing, Claire.

  • Sophie

    6th November 2020 at 8:13 pm

    Some great ideas here for my little niece – i’m going to check Wonderbly out!

  • Nicole – Tales from Mamaville

    6th November 2020 at 11:33 pm

    I love gift guides, like window shopping online:) This is a great one.

  • Lavania

    7th November 2020 at 1:58 am

    Wow you have some awesome ideas here

  • Melanie varey

    7th November 2020 at 7:39 am

    What a comprehensive list! I like the ideas for non gender specific gifts and think this is so important. Thanks

  • Emma Reed

    7th November 2020 at 10:03 am

    Oh I love your xmas eve box that is so cute

  • Sarah Stockley

    7th November 2020 at 11:26 am

    I have been really struggling for ideas at the moment. My kids already have so much stuff. However, you have some great ideas here.

  • Becca Collier-Cook

    7th November 2020 at 11:27 am

    Some great ideas!

  • Becca Collier-Cook

    7th November 2020 at 11:27 am

    Some fab ideas!

  • Mike

    7th November 2020 at 8:39 pm

    The link game is a great idea. Make learning fun!

    A great Xmas idea and one I may buy my
    Nephew. He’s really into all sorts of games at the minute.


  • Natalie

    8th November 2020 at 10:46 am

    Some really great ideas here that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Thank you!

  • Clare

    8th November 2020 at 2:27 pm

    Great gift ideas! My five year old would love most of these, particularly the magnetic toys, he’s really fascinated by magnets at the moment.

  • Jen

    9th November 2020 at 10:00 am

    These are so cute, I love the giant bubbles!

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