Christmas Gifts for Kids and Teens 2022

15th December 2022

Gifts for kids and teenagers can be overwhelming to pick, because there’s so many options nowadays!

While it’s great to have so much choice, it can take ages to find the right presents for each child.

Time’s not something many of us have these days, so I’ve tried to make it easier for you this year.

Below are some of my favourite gifts for kids and teens I’ve found this year.

They can be purchased online, so you can order from the comfort of your home!

I’ve also found gifts for adults (and discount codes), as well as presents for dogs too.

Board Games

Classic board games will always be great gifts for kids, and here are some that are perfect for family time.

Lex Match

Word games are getting popular, and are educational as well as fun!

Lex Match is the crazy cube game where you have to be the first to make a 5 letter word.

Players take it in turns to push out the cubes to try to make a 5 letter word.

Each turn the player can choose to create a word or use the cube to disrupt their opponents’ potential word.

Words can be made horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

The LEX cube can be any word you like, so keep an eye out for these special cubes. 

If your opponent makes a word that uses a letter on one of your cards, you steal their points! 

Kids Charades

Who hasn’t played charades at some point in their life?!

Kids Charades is the classic game, but aimed at children.

To play, simply act out a phrase without speaking, while your team try to guess what it is.

This game has six categories to choose from, that allow kids to act out simple, humorous mimes.

Family Quiz Night

Cheatwell have devised a fun, quiz-like game for families to enjoy.

Family Quiz Night has been crafted to enable adults and kids (8+) to play on an equal level.

There’s 1,200 questions which consist of multiple-choice questions for younger players, and more challenging ones for adults.

Eight topics are featured, which include TV, music, nature, geography and science.

The game can be played in kids vs adults teams or individually too.

Tic Tac Twist

If you’re familiar with Tic Tac Toe, this game is a new take on it, which involves using your whole body.

Tic Tac Twist is a fun way to get your body moving.

Coloured bands are worn on your wrists and ankles, and these become your noughts and crosses to use on the grid

Players move their arms and legs onto spots and must stay in place without falling over.

Enchanted Forest

For fairy-tale fans, Enchanted Forest is the perfect game.

Players can accept the King’s challenge to find all of his treasures and return them to his castle.

The hunt begins once the first treasure card is revealed.

Children need to use their memory and strategic skills to find each treasure card.

The Enchanted Forest game laid out, as a gifts for kids idea.

A new card is revealed each time a treasure’s found.

When all of the King’s treasure’s found, the player with the most treasure wins!

Treasures include Cinderella’s glass slipper, Aladdin’s lamp, Puss n’ boots and the Emperor’s crown.

It’s fun for families with children aged 4+ and the game takes twenty minutes to play on average.

Close-up of the Enchanted Forest game box, as a gifts for kids idea.

Educational Gifts for Kids

Willsow Plantable Books

For those who want to learn how to grow vegetables this coming year, Willsow have a lovely range of plantable books.

The books are made with 100% recyclable handmade paper, which is embedded with vegetable and herb seeds.

There are a range of stories, including The Carrot who was Too Big for His Bed, The Basil who Built Bridges and The Parsley Who Flew to the Rescue.

After reading the books, simply plant them into soil and watch them grow into vegetables or herbs!

Willsow have a range of other gifts, including Carrot Pens made from real wood, which are refillable, and eco-friendly greetings cards made from elephant dung.

Geomag Gifts for Kids

Science and engineering fans will love the Geomag Mechanics Gravity Race Track.

The 67-piece set is designed to teach kids aged 8+ the basics of magnetism and invisible forces.

You can build a racing track and see how invisible forces and gravity drive it, and use magnetism to create controlled magnetic reactions.

A magnetic cannon uses the force of attraction to accelerate and push the spheres without the need for batteries or electric motors.

This set encourages imagination and creativity, whilst teaching some classic science basics.

A white backgorund with the box called Mechanics Gravity Geomayg on the left, and the actual Geomag toy on the right. Gifts for kids idea.

Gifts for Adventure

Cable Car Kit

For those who like to build, this basic cable car kit is perfect.

The Huckleberry Cable Transport works like a miniature gondola, where the basket goes back and forth between two locations.

Cables can attach to tables, posts and trees to send notes, toys and treats to friends at the other end.

Each kit includes a pinewood box, metal hooks, a carabiner, rope and two pulleys.


If they love their bikes and want to protect them from the elements, a BikeParka fits the bill.

The Stash Bike Cover* is designed to protect and cover a bike at home, in the garden and out and about.

Covers are made from hardwearing material which is waterproof and seam-sealed to protect bikes from leaks.

These covers are a one size fits all, fitting handlebars up to 60cm, and bikes with 205cm length and 125cm height.

Bike covered with a blue Bike Parka cover.

Each BikeParka has elasticated bottoms to fit closely around each wheel, and eyelets for locks and ties.

When not in use, store it in the Stuff Sac and secure to the bike using the eyelets provided.

Stash covers also come in various colours including ciel, camo and forest green.

BikeParka also have a range of other accessories, including a Packable Ripstop Tote.

The tote is lightweight and packs into a pouch, perfect for taking out on a daytrip.

Each tote is made from a hardwearing material which has been engineered with high UV protection.

They come in three colours: camo, forest green and ink black.

Two Packable Ripstop bags next to each other.

Quirky Stocking Fillers

Here’s some fun, educational and even hygienic gifts for kids and teens that make great stocking fillers.

Sandcastle Building

Huckleberry Sand Tools is a lovely kit for those who love building sandcastles.

It includes a three-sided rake for corners, a brush and also a smoothing tool.

Each of these tools can be used to make the ultimate sandcastle to be proud of!

Wood Carving

The Kikkerland Wood Carving Tool enables children to carve out their initials on branches or dead tree stumps when out exploring.

This handy tool can create some pretty and detailed carvings if they have the patience!

It’s great to take on camping trips or walks around the forests.

Artwork can be created together as a family in your garden to make tree stump keepsakes too.

Nail Brushes

The Dino Nail Brush from Kikkerland is a great stocking filler.

It’s an all natural nailbrush made with plant-based bristles which are gentle for children’s nails.

A dinosaur-themed brush is a fun way to encourage children to maintain good hygiene too.

Gaming Gifts for Kids

It’s rare to find a young person who doesn’t like gaming in some way or another these days.

Whether it’s online gaming with friends, playing games on their phones, or even trying retro games, there’s something for everyone.

Here are some gaming gifts for kids that can appeal to most ages.

Pocket Arcade Games

It’s great to spend time reminiscing about the games we used to play as kids with our own kids!

The Pocket Arcade Game by Kikkerland allows you to go all the way back to the 80s.

There are 26 old-school games that each have 99 levels to complete.

Batteries are included, as well as a key chain so you can take the mini retro console anywhere.

A red keyring -sized mini arcade game in somebody's hands.

Gaming Mouse

A high-performing mouse is important for any gamer.

A gaming mouse has various settings and more buttons to help improve the gaming experience.

The Razer Basilisk V3 is one of the best affordable ones on the market currently, which also looks ‘sick’!

It’s got eleven programmable buttons including a multi-function trigger, a HyperScroll tilt wheel for smooth, free-spin scrolling, and high speed with zero misclicks.

The ergonomic design with thumb rest allows comfort when playing for longer than they’re probably allowed to!

An additional bonus is the mouse has customizable lighting effects and full under glow.

Gaming Keyboards

Gamers need high-quality keyboards to go with their mouse, so the Cynosa V2 is another great, low cost accessory from Razer.

The backlit keyboard has low sound with premium per-key lighting.

Using 16.8 million colours, the keyboard can be personalised with dynamic lighting effects to use during each game.

It’s fully programmable to make gameplay more efficient, helping with execution unique to your gaming style.

Headset Stands

A great stocking filler is the New Bee low-cost headset stand.

It’s perfect for any gaming headset, or music headphones to store them safely and tidily.

This stand helps to save desktop space, and is easy to assemble with just three bits that clip together.

Soft, protective rubber is used to cushion the headphones and prevent scratches too.


Gifts for kids to enjoy can include jewellery.

Primrose Hill have a wide range of jewellery for children, including personalised bracelets.

The D For Diamond Forever Bracelet With Diamond is designed to grow with the child as they get older.

It can expand using a toggle fastening to be worn throughout childhood, to be enjoyed for years.

Crafted in recycled sterling silver and platinum plating, the bracelet also includes a 0.005ct diamond!

To personalise it, the bracelet can also be engraved using a choice of eight fonts. 


For Teenagers

Adventure Books have an online site full of great books, including non-fiction and fiction for children and teenagers.

Here are some that would make lovely stocking filler gifts for kids:

Fantastic Female Adventurers

Do you know how it feels to run for 1,900 miles, or to look down at the earth from a space station?

Fantastic Female Adventurers is a collection of fourteen exciting and inspirational stories about the women that do.

Lily Dyu describes their incredible journeys around the globe, using illustrations by Chellie Carroll.

The Everest Files

Teens will enjoy The Everest Files by Matt Dickinson, which is the first part of an epic trilogy.

Ryan Hart takes a gap year adventure in Nepal, but dark forces are at play on the slopes of Mount Everest.

This thrilling journey sees Ryan try to solve the darker side of things that happen on Everest.

Age 6-12 Years

Popcorn-Eating Squirrels

Not all squirrels love nuts…

When three young squirrels met Salty, a greedy old squirrel addicted to popcorn, a magical adventure began. 

Popcorn-Eating Squirrels of the World Unite! is a funny story full of mischief and chaos, written by bestselling author Matt Dickinson.

The sequel, Popcorn-Eating Squirrels Go Nuts on Everest, is apparently a mountain survival story unlike any other, so worth trying too!

The Memory Cage

Ruth Eastham’s novel The Memory Cage is a transfixing story about adoption and Alzheimer’s.

It highlights the strength of relationships within families through testing times, and the effects our memories have on how we live the rest of our lives.

It’s shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and is a great discussion-opener for parents to have with their children.

Other Gifts for Kids

If you have other gifts for kids that haven’t been featured, please comment below so we have more to pick from.

There’s other ideas in previous guides on this blog, including the 2021 Gift Guide, and others from 2020.

No payment has been received for this post. Some items have been gifted to test for the purpose of this post.
All opinions are honest and my own.
*Some affiliate links are included, meaning I might get a tiny commission if you were to purchase through the link.

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