Victoria ANn Studios Clear Window Mask

Clever Face Masks from Victoria Ann Studios for Lipreaders & SEN Children

25th August 2020

Face masks are now everywhere. As you know I’ve recently even attempted to make my own, but they aren’t anywhere near as good as some I’ve seen.

The rare times I’ve gone into shops (still avoiding them like the plague) I’ve struggled with how the masks feel and how difficult it is to communicate with people!

At the best of times people struggle to understand what I say as I have jaw problems which limit how much I move my mouth, so it’s been nearly impossible to be understood in a mask.

Clear Panel Masks

My current favourites are by Victoria Ann Studio because Victoria’s designed a mask that enables people to understand me!

The polka dot face mask with clear window so your mouth can be seen whilst you wear it. They’re great for people who are deaf, have hearing loss, those difficult to understand like myself due to other health problems and also for SEN children. Victoria Jenkins, the talented designed behind this who describes herself as a Disabled Designer and Garment Technologist, explained:

“I’ve had orders from schools and carers who want to be able to interact better with their students and patients. It’s also helpful for SEN children who rely on facial expressions for their learning and their communication generally. I myself have worn them to hospital appointments to help the doctors/ nurses interact with me!”

Victoria Ann Studio Masks
The Polka Dot Clear Window Mask by Victoria Ann Studio

Organic & Sustainably Made

The mask also comes in black, red and floral and is made from organic materials including organic cotton, elastic made from naturally-occurring rubber and even biodegradable packaging and sellotape’s used.

Victoria was inspired to make clear window masks by her brother, who works for a hearing loss charity, who said it would benefit lipreaders to see mask-wearers mouths.

It did take a few prototypes and tests before Victoria got the perfect design. She said:

“I wanted to be as sustainable as possible- I tried using layers of chiffon and organza, but it just wasn’t safe! I cannot legally say these are PPE or FFP2/3 and I’m not certified. You aren’t meant to be able to blow out a candle, that is my litmus test. So I started working with PVC, but then there’s the issue of fogging. After a lot of reading I found 3 ways to help this: rubbing potato starch, oil or soap onto the plastic before putting it on.”

The clear window masks come with a lavender scented mini eco soap and nose clip. She can also create bespoke/customised masks to order.

Other Masks in the Range

Victoria has also designed other reusable masks including some I’ve recently shown off on Instagram for children and adults.

I now have the polka clear window design and polka standard mask, so a great matching set!

I’m impressed with how her entire range is ethical, sustainable and Eco-friendly, and especially how I can now be understood when I talk to staff in shops!

Face masks by Victoria Ann Studios
The Other Victoria Ann Studio Face Masks include Designs for Kids

No payment was received for this review. A mask was gifted to test for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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