Cup of Daisies: A Fashion Label That Gives Back

12th April 2021

Social responsibility is a term I’ve started to see being used by brands online, but didn’t know what it meant until now.

It’s basically where businesses do things to help benefit society, alongside making their own profits.

This has become popular recently, which is brilliant, as these businesses are contributing to the welfare of society and our environment.

Cup of Daisies is one of these socially responsible brands.

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They’re a fashion label who are raising funds to support five charities, to help them to support those in need.

For customers like myself, I love this, because whilst buying something I want, I’m helping other people!

These bespoke products will not only look great, they will be giving something great back too.

The business is based in Britain, and in the summer of this year their production will move entirely to the UK, with items being designed in Wales and made in England.

This move will be celebrated with the fashion label releasing their Made in England collection at the same time.

Their Support for Charities

Cup of Daisies are selling a range of handmade twill silk scarves, which will support charities close to their heart.

A scarf has been designed to represent each charity, so whichever you buy will give 10% of the profit to that particular charity.

Charities they’re supporting are:

ADRAUK (The Adventist Development and Relief Agency) work in more than 120 countries to help communities with farming, water and food aid. The Purple Orchids scarf is inspired by them.

The Lady Red scarf dedicates some of its proceeds to the Tenovus Charity, who run projects in Welsh communities to help bring care and treatment to people in need.

Noah’s Ark is the official charity of the Children’s Hospital for Wales. They help ensure the hospital has the best resources it can for children, and the Orange Jungle scarf is inspired by them.

Save The Children develop projects in Asia and Africa to deliver medical expertise during floods, earthquakes and other disasters. The Blue Pineapple scarf gives proceeds to this charity.

Shelter Cymru run projects in Wales to make affordable homes available to people. The Bird Song scarf was inspired by them.

I’m giving away a scarf of your choice for three winners. Enter by heading to the giveaway post (closes 23/4/21).

The Blog

Cup of Daisies also have a lively and engaging blog on their website.

The blog is updated regularly with latest news, activities and all things fashion and accessories.

They are looking for customers to get involved to share their thoughts and/or selfies of the scarves they buy.

The Scarves

The scarves are handmade of 100% twill silk.

They have a rolled hem and are hand wash only.

When ordered, they arrive in a lovely recyclable box.

I think they’re great for all genders, as they can make gorgeous headbands, scarves and cravats.

In terms of the colours, the collection has a lovely range, with reds, blues, turquoise, oranges and pinks.

I have the Bird Song scarf and I’m impressed by the quality of it.

It looks hardwearing as a headband, which would be the main way I would wear it.

The design is intricate and beautiful, and I look forward to seeing their next collection in Summer!

This is a collaborative post. A scarf was provided to try out for the purpose of this post.


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