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Cycling is the New Walking: A Review of the Ruzer Premium Bike Pump & Repair Starter Kit

16th December 2020

Cycling has become fashionable this year, as it’s brightened up many people’s lives during lockdown.

I may not cycle, but I spent lockdown teaching my 8-year-old how to ride his bike.

It was hard work, but so rewarding to see how proud of himself he was when he mastered it.

I cycled as a child, but not often so I didn’t know how to teach him about maintaining his bike.

Thankfully my partner and son’s father are good cyclists, so they’ve started teaching him about tyre pressures, gears and brakes.

Being able to repair a puncture or pump up a tyre to get back home once he’s old enough to be independent is important.

Ruzer pump kit on a wooden floor next to it's packaging.
Ruzer Premium Bike Pump
& Repair Kit

We’ve been sent the Ruzer Neon GreenBlack Telescopic Bike Pump with Repair Kit to test with my son’s bike.

It’s a premium starter kit which is great for new and keen amateur cyclists alike.

The kit includes a neon green and black 7-inch metal alloy pump which has an inbuilt gauge.

The pump is made from high quality aluminium which has been expertly crafted so that it’s built to last.

Apparently it’s the only pump that contains a metal barrel and inbuilt gauge for this price, so it’s good value for money.

Thankfully it’s easy to use. You can instantly find out your inner tube’s PSI and easily adjust it for your cycling conditions.

The Ruzer pump kit and repair kit on a wooden floor out of it's box.
The Pump Comes with a Repair Kit

It has an analogic gauge which is useful for giving accurate readings.

The maximum PSI is 100 which is good for most activities.

For increased pumping power, there’s a 42cm telescopic barrel, which makes it faster than most conventional pumps. There’s also an ergonomic handle for comfort.

The pump can be used for most bikes, and it has inbuilt valve adaptions for PRESTA, SCHRAER and DUNLOP too.

Is It Any Good?

I like that it’s a small and light kit, so it’s easy to fit inside a pocket and carry around.

The kit also comes with a repair patch kit and two metal tyre levers, which is really useful.

Overall I think it’s a good kit which is well made, so hopefully will last us a while!

Ruzer Sports sell other quality branded cycling accessories as well as this kit, including cycle wear, shoes and covers, and sunglasses.

£5 Discount Code

Ruzer have kindly given me a discount code for you to enjoy.

For £5 off this pump kit, enter YQRRT462 at the checkout on the Ruzer website.

Feel free to pass the code onto friends and family who also enjoy cycling!

The code expires 31 Jan 2022 and can only be used on this product.

The kit was gifted for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.
*If any purchase is made with the voucher code I may receive a small commission.

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