Father’s & Caregivers Day Gift Guide 2021

12th May 2021

This year Father’s Day is 20th June 2021, one day before we’re getting our freedom back in the UK!

In the meantime, online shopping remains a safe and easy way to buy for the men in your life this year.

I’ve found some fun, sweet, practical and even quirky gifts that may appeal for your loved ones below!



Scaramanga offer a great range of leather accessories and bags, including satchels, journals and things for pets.

Everything they sell is handmade or restored by leather experts, ensuring great quality.

Their Canvas Travel Organiser is perfect for when you’re going away as a family and want to keep important documents safe.

The khaki canvas travel organiser can store travel documents for you and your family.

It holds multiple passports, money, documents and more securely in one place with this new, well-designed travel organiser.

Scaramanga also sell furniture and vintage interiors, so there’s plenty to enjoy for Father’s Day.

Cup of Daisies

Cup of Daisies is a socially responsible brand that sell a range of handmade twill silk scarves, which support charities.

Each scarf represents a specific charity, so whichever you buy will give 10% of the profit to that particular charity.

Charities include Noah’s Ark, ADRAUK and Save The Children.

The scarves are handmade of 100% twill silk and have a rolled hem.

They’re non-gender specific as they can make gorgeous headbands, scarves and cravats.

When ordered, they arrive in a lovely recyclable box, and I recently reviewed their range here.


Trendhim offer a huge range of gifts for men, including these Winston Tortoise Shell Vista Clear Lens Glasses.

This pair of clear lens glasses for men offers 100% UV protection and a fab, retro vibe.

The glasses come in two shades, black or these tortoiseshell frames.

There’s also some other clear frames to choose from on the main site.

I like how these clear lenses block harmful blue light to reduce digital eye strain, so may get a pair myself!

These glasses are delivered in a signature gift box and come with a drawstring pouch.

Personalised Gifts

Photo Gifts Now

Photo Gifts Now offer a great range of gifts to suit your loved ones’ unique taste, including mugs, coasters, clothes and gadget covers.

One of my favourite personalised gifts they have are Own Design Hoodies.

My son chose a grey personalised hoodie using his dad’s favourite photo of them.

It was easy to order, all I had to do was upload the photo and added it to basket!

The hoodies come in a range of sizes (S-2XL) and come in grey or black.

You can personalise them with design, text, quote and images to make it just for them.

The hoodies seem to be of high quality, with a drawstring hood and front pocket across the tummy.

As well as clothing, Photo Gifts Now have high quality canvases that arrive ready to hang.

Photos are printed on high quality material and professionally hand-stretched using a solid pine frame.

They come in a range of sizes in both portrait and landscape.

I used a photo from last summer for my partner as a ‘stepdad’ gift from my son.

I’m so impressed with the thickness of the canvas for the low price.

Coulson MacLeod

A thoughtful keepsake gifts is the Dad’s Wise Words Wooden Plaque at The House of Eden.

It’s a wooden plaque fulled with heartwarming quotes about fatherhood, using a typewriter font.

Wooden Father's Day Plaque standing on a wooden shelf next to a clock.

The plaque comes with a metal bulldog clip so it can hang on a wall or stand on a table.

Each one is individually printed and hand-finished in the UK using sustainable materials.

Use code SPP20 at the checkout to get 20% off too!

Find Me A Gift

If you have been on the blog recently, you may have seen my post about how to help your child find Father’s Day gifts.

The post featured a brilliant range of gifts from Find Me A Gift, including a personalised retro sweet jar. and pamper goodies.

The site is really easy to use and has gifts including a personalised section that offers gadgets, food, pictures and even days out.

Pamper Gifts

Village Wax Melts

Village Wax Melts offer a great range of wax melts, warmers, and other gift options including bath bombs and soap sponges.

Their exfoliating soap bath sponges are my favourite, as they’re filled with silky, scented soap.

The sponges last up to four weeks if used daily, and are great for removing dry skin and fake tan.

Candle, two sponges, a bath bomb and wax melts laid out on a wooden floor.

One side of the sponge exfoliates, whilst the other side is soft.

All products are SLS free which is great for sensitive skin and skin conditions.

The soaps come in a range of scents, including Black Opium, Lemon Sherbert, Savage and even one called Aliens!

The House of Eden Scents

Some of the best fragrances are pricey, but The House of Eden have a great range at a small price.

It’s influenced by popular fragrances including this Number 197, inspired by Sauvage by Dior.

House of Eden Number 197 male fragrance bottle stood up on a wooden shelf alone.

It’s a powerful, spicy, masculine fragrance with notes of bergamot, nutmeg, Sichuan pepper and pink berries.

A smoky, woody fragrance for the man that loves the great outdoors.

Use code SPP20 at the checkout to get 20% off too!

Simply Soaperior

Simply Soaperior was created by Victoria, who has been making cosmetic products on the West Coast of Cornwall for ten years.

Every product is handmade and contains only ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients.

All products are free from animal testing and the range includes wax melts, burners, fragrances, soaps and some amazing bath bombs.

The Shark Attack Bath Bomb is like an action film in the bath, with a foaming Jaws with a bloody bite, surrounded by a deep blue sea.

It’s scented with bubble gum and is made with skin-safe, vegan-friendly ingredients.

The bath bomb is hand painted to look like a shark and it’s their most popular one for men and children.

Handmade and scented with bubble gum, we promise there’ll only smooth sailing ahead.

They also have a Blue Man Scented Bath Bomb which is a luxury one with a bubble frosting top.

It even smells similar to a popular high-street fragrance!

This bath bomb is a blend of mint, artemisia, cardamom, bergamot, lavender, orange blossom, cinnamon, cumin, sandalwood, cedarwood, Tonka bean vanilla and amber.

Gadgets & Homeware

UK Terrariums

Terrarium kits are a lovely gift idea, and can get all of the family involved creatively.

UK Terrariums offer a range of kits including those for jars, fishbowls and even bottles.

There are self-care kits too which I have my eye on for myself!

We have the DIY Terrarium Kit in a Jar, which is a large, lidded jar that comes with soil. moss, stones, bark, pebbles and a succulent.

You can either make up the terrarium to then present as a gift, or the kit is also a great gift which encourages the kids to get involved.

I found it easy to make, and it was quite a relaxing activity to do with my son.

The kits are delivered in recyclable boxes and even the bags each part of the kit come in are biodegradable.

Each kit comes with an instruction manual which includes how to maintain it so you get years of enjoyment from it.

Rustic Storage

Small, independent retailer The House of Eden, have a great range of storage products that make lovely presents.

This includes their Rustic Wooden Storage Boxes that would suit most home decors.

Three wooden rustic storage boxes piled on top of each other.

There are three handled wooden boxes in the set, which are 29-45cm long.

Wooden boxes look great in most rooms, whether they store fresh food, condiments, tools or even indoor plants.

Use code SPP20 at the checkout to get 20% off too!


If he likes funny gadgets, the Fish Corkscrew in a Tin from Juul At Home may be perfect.

It’s made from stainless steel and wood, and comes in a presentation tin.

Fish Shaped Corckscrew on a wooden floor next to it's box.

The two-step corkscrew is handy for removing natural or synthetic corks, and comes with a foldable cutter blade.

There’s also a built-in bottle opener within this gadget which is shaped like a fish.

Bird Multi-Tool

The Kikkerland Beechwood Bird Multi Tool is a handy 6-in-1 tool.

It’s made from stainless steel and beachwood.

A Bird Multi-Tool box standing on a wooden floor.

The useful tools it features includes a Phillips screwdriver head and Allen keys of various sizes.

It’s small, light and easy to take with you on days out and camping trips.


Chuckling Cheese Hamper

Chuckling Cheese sell a fabulous range of cheeses, biscuits and sweet treats.

They have an amazing range of cheese gift hampers that are perfect for any occasion.

There are also beer and fine food hampers if cheese isn’t their thing!

The most popular hampers they have include:

You’re not old, You’re Vintage 
Dad’s The Best
Comedy Beer Set

I love that they also have a Build Your Own Hamper, which is what I recently did.

It’s easy to do, simply select the flavours of cheese, crackers and dips you want and it arrives in a lovely presentation box.

I chose some interesting cheeses including Carnival Cheddar and Botanist Gin to try.

My favourite was to combine the spicier cheeses, like Flamin Heart, with the Popadom Chutney on crackers.

The sweeter cheeses went well with the Red Onion Chutney, especially sprinkled on salad!


Chocface deliver personalised chocolate to your door, that include edible photographs of your choice.

You can create a DVD-sized box of six individual chocolate photos.

Each photo is made from edible food colourings and is placed on a layer of white chocolate, which is then put onto a thick layer of Belgian milk chocolate.

The box can be custom made to also include a personal message or name.

I designed one and was impressed at how quick and easy it was to do on their website.

Within minutes I had designed six gorgeous chocolates and a personal message.

I unboxed my finished product on an Instagram reel if you want to see how well made they are.


For those who are sick of chocolate and want something different, Eh-Co have a great range of chilli oils and pastes.

Eh-Co have brought a 20-year old original family kitchen chilli oil recipe to the market for all to enjoy.

There is always something new that can be discovered by mixing various chilli, herbs and oils.

Their chilli products are made with Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil which is sustainably grown in the UK, Habanero & Carolina Reaper Chillies.

They’re suitable for vegans and contain no additives, preservatives or artificial colouring. 

Games & Quirky Gifts

Cuckoo Clocks

During the 14th Century, German beer steins were popular, because people felt it was a more sanitary way to drink to avoid catching the Bubonic Plague.

Having a lid to close meant the bugs couldn’t get in to infect the beer.

Fast Forward to now and these steins remain popular across the world, making the perfect gift on Father’s Day.

When they were first created, they were made from pewter and earthenware, but things have changed!

Three German Beer steins with a clear background.

CuckooClocks.com have a great range of beer steins made from porcelain, ceramic, pewter, crystal, and glass.

There are simple and also more detailed designs, including colourful, intricate, and lavish steins.

Some designs feature animals, city scenes, traditional German crests, depictions of daily life and more.

There’s over 400 stunning designs on their website so you can find one that suits the man in your life perfectly. 

Lego Fans

If he’s a Lego fan, he may like this Oak and Lego Wall-Mounted Key Hanger from The House of Eden.

The hanger is made from solid oak, and new, original Lego pieces. Use code SPP20 at the checkout to get 20% off!

A wooden key holder mounted to a wall. There are Lego pieces attached that have 4 keys hanging from them.

It is handmade, so no two are ever the same.

Other Lego could be added to it from your own collection if you wanted to give it an individual touch.

Positive Day Planner

With everything that’s gone on this past year, it’s sometimes difficult to see the positives. 

The Positive Day Planner is a 21-day gratitude-practicing, self-commitment measuring, and mind-dumping journal.

It’s aim is to help you create a more positive habit, one day at a time.

The planner was created by Leanne Pero, breast cancer survivor and founder of The Leanne Pero Foundation and Black Women Rising.

The Positive Day Planner laid on a white table cloth with it's packaging.

Leanne used positivity and journaling to help her after beating through cancer as it reduced her anxieties and helped her find more happiness.

impressively, the planner’s available in 5 different styles, including a limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness Planner, where 40% of profits go to charity,

The journals are great for men who are trying to focus on improving or maintaining their mental health and goals for the future.

The Curling Game

The Table Top Curling Game from Kikkerland is a gift that could provide hours of fun.

One curling mat and 8 curling stones are included in this, so you can practise your curling skills at home.

Up to 8 people can play at a time, and all you need is a table top!

Being a table top version means it won’t take up lots of room and can even be packed easily for holidays.

The Curling Game and Desktop Table Tennis game boxes stood on a wooden floor.

Desktop Table Tennis

Another great game for indoors is Desktop Table Tennis.

It’s easy to set up, with a net that has suction cups for the surface.

The set includes also includes a ball and two bats and is packaged in a small, handy box.

This is also perfect to take with you on days out or holidays, as it fits easily into a handbag.

Any Other Ideas?

If you have any other fun, sentimental or interesting ideas, please add them in the comments below.

No payment has been received for this post. Some products were sent to test out for the purpose of this review.
All opinions are honest and my own.


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