Finding a Men’s Engagement Ring That Won’t Break (Includes 20% Discount for Rock Solid Rings)

18th October 2021

I proposed to my partner in a unique way in early 2020.

By being the proposer, it meant that he was the one presented with a ring, not me.

During the year and a half that’s passed since the proposal, he’s gone through THREE engagement rings.

This has included denting them so badly they no longer resemble rings, and snapping the entire band.

Due to still being long-distance, and a pandemic that set our finances back, we’re a long way off a wedding so he needs one that’s going to last!

I’ve bought sterling silver and steel rings, but none have coped with his daily work as a plumber.

The Wonder Ring

The lovely creators at Rock Solid Rings have felt sorry for me and gifted me Wonder Rings for us to try.

The range is made from the central core of the highest grade Tungsten Carbide, which itself is made from the remnants of volcanic eruptions.

This is then mixed with other metals to produce what they describe as the hardest ring metal ever made.

It’s ten times stronger than gold!

Two rings in their own black boxes, side by side on a wooden floor covered in rose petals. The rings are plain rose gold bands.

Each ring is shaped by master craftsmen for a comfortable fit and is domed to prevent catching and snagging.

For those with sensitive skin like myself, they’re hypo-allergenic and they don’t leave any marks when you take them off.

They can be worn under water and in the shower, and won’t tarnish or oxidise.

The hardened metal, which is also hard to scratch, is perfect for my partner and his hands-on job.

It can be worn as an engagement ring like we’re doing, a wedding ring or even a promise ring.

Two rings on a wooden floor covered in rose petals. The rings are plain rose gold bands.

It can also be a substitute ring, if you’re worried another ring might get scratched or damaged during practical activities.

They’re great for medical professionals who are banned from wearing other rings for infection control reasons. Wonder Rings are designed without intricate detailing where germs can usually hide.

Impressively, there’s 28 design combinations to choose from, including four widths, 20 finger sizes and six finishes; Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Blue and Original.

I chose the Rose Gold twin set, which consists of an 8mm thicker band, and a 4mm thinner one. These can also be engraved for free!

A Ring for Me

Many people, especially strangers on social media, ask where my ring is and mock my partner for not getting one.

I proposed, so why would I have a ring?

Truth be told I don’t conform to tradition, so it truly has never bothered me that I don’t have one.

He hates that I proposed, because he wanted to save up and make the proposal special, but i pipped him to the post!

Although, he has said I may get a surprise out of the blue one day…

Man and woman smiling at each other whilst holding hands against her face showing their engagement bands.

My partner wants to buy a ring, but things have been a rollercoaster with tax bills, car replacements and the mother of his children passing away.

With this in mind, I was happy to be gifted one to try as part of the set. It’s lovely that we both get to wear something matching to symbolise our love.

I’m impressed so far with these rings; My partner said it’s the most comfortable one so far, so hopefully we won’t need another until the wedding bands!

When we’re married, I would still want to wear these rings when we’re doing practical tasks, to protect our sentimental wedding bands.

20% Discount at Rock Solid Rings

I’ve been given a 20% discount code for you to use on any Wonder Rings of your choice.

There’s no expiry date on the code currently, so it can be used multiple times!

Simply enter SPP20 at the checkout.

To win a ring from their range, I’m giving one away here (ends 30/11/21).

Two rings in their own black boxes, side by side on a wooden floor covered in rose petals. The rings are plain rose gold bands.

These rings were gifted in order to test for the purpose of this review. The code is NOT an affiliate link. No payment was received and all opinions are honest and my own.


  • Samantha Donnelly

    18th October 2021 at 2:07 pm

    These do sound like very sturdy rings, it does surprise me how men can go through rings when we can keep ours, although I did manage to snap my engagement ring and had to have it resoldered, I hope this will be his last ring until your wedding

  • Rebecca Jones

    18th October 2021 at 8:49 pm

    A few people I know have tungsten rings who have practical jobs – and they last well.

    Just ignore people who ask why you haven’t got an engagement ring.
    My husband spent about 10 quid on my engagement ring, but I didn’t plan to wear it with my wedding ring.
    We made each others wedding rings – it was the wedding ring that counts for us.
    Have the wedding you two want – that’s what matters

  • Rosie

    18th October 2021 at 8:50 pm

    When we got engaged neither if us had an engagement ring and my husband doesn’t even wear an wedding ring now. Do most men now wear rings? I need to be looking more at their hands!

  • Lyndsey OHalloran

    19th October 2021 at 6:33 pm

    These rings look lovely. John’s wedding ring got damaged really quickly and it’s never been as nice since.

  • Jenni

    19th October 2021 at 6:33 pm

    Those are really beautiful ring. My husband was the one who proposed, kind of. We were having a picnic in the snow on New Year’s Day, and he said it would probably be a good idea if we got married. We then went and picked out an engagement ring together.


    19th October 2021 at 7:30 pm

    Oh wow, I can’t think what your husband has been doing to snap a band. We don’t really wear our rings anymore. I hope this one lasts.

  • Lisa Jackson

    20th October 2021 at 7:21 pm

    They sound ideal. I love that you proposed and gave the ring. Hopefully you’ll get a wedding ring in the not too far distance 💍

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