Gift Ideas for Dogs This Christmas

6th November 2022

Finding interesting presents for pets can be tricky, so I’ve come up with some different gift ideas for dogs this Christmas.

All of these products can be purchased online*, and have all been tried and tested by my own Chorkie!

Here are my ideas, which include beds, interactive toys and even some gifts for dog owners.

And for even further inspiration, check out last year’s Christmas Gift Guide Dogs too.

Dog Beds

Mikki Pet offer a range of beds for dogs (and cats) including a self-warming and calming pet bed.

The Calming Donut Bed is ideal for dogs that like to curl up when they sleep.

Raised edges offer neck support and a non-slip base, to help pets feel safe and secure whilst they sleep.

The bed is made from ultra-soft faux fur, which helps dogs keep warm and relaxed.

It comes in four sizes, small, medium, large and X-large and is machine washable.

Interactive Toys

Toys are fun gift ideas for dogs, because there’s a huge variety to meet the individual needs of each dog.

Toy Bundles

The Interactive Toy Bundle from Labeol is one of the lower cost gift ideas for dogs who love chew toys and playing tug.

Each set includes 10 chew toys that can help entertain dogs, but also maintain their teeth.

The chew toys clean and exercise the dog’s teeth, as chewing helps remove tartar and reduce bacteria growth.

All of the toys are made with natural cotton, so are east to clean and free from harmful substances.

Another benefit to this bundle is how chew toys can help to reduce anxiety, ease boredom and encourage dogs to chew toys rather than furniture.

gift ideas for dogs includes this bundle of 10 toys that are all laid out on a white floor. various cotton rope toys knotted in shapes.

Flip Boards

The Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board is a strategy game suitable for smaller dogs.

Treats are hidden on the board, and can only be got by using the flaps, sliders and lifting the cones.

This can provide much mental stimulation for dogs, as they will focus hard to find ways to get to those treats!

Flip boards can help a dog’s concentration skills, keep them active and reduce boredom, especially when left alone while you’re out.

The game is made of robust plastic, and has non-slip rubber feet for a good hold.

Image of a dog flip board which has a white base and blue dials. it is one of the gift ideas for dogs.

Dog Puzzle Game

Puzzles are a great way to avoid boredom for humans, and also for our canine friends.

The Outward Hound Dog Ottoson Brick Puzzle is an interactive toy that features obstacles to complete to achieve some tasty rewards.

It features three types of treat-hiding compartments that involve flipping, lifting and sliding to get to their reward.

Positive play habits are encouraged with toys like this, as destructive behaviours can be redirected to this toy through its regular reward offerings.

Nina Ottosson’s Brick Puzzle is made from dog-safe materials that are BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free too.

One of the gift ideas for dogs includes this dog brick puzzle. It has a turquoise rectangular base, with red and white dog-themed flaps to open.

Snuffle Mats

Snuffle Mats are great for keeping dogs entertained, active and mentally engaged.

There are many on the market, so I’ve narrowed it down to some highly recommended ones from dog owner forums.

The AWOOF Snuffle Mat encourages natural foraging skills with a big orange flower themed design.

There are four layers of orange petals and a ring of ‘grass’ around it, made from non-toxic materials.

It features a range of pockets to hide treats in, and it can be used for meal times to help them eat slowly.

This snuffle mat has the capabilities for four feeding games using the various parts of the mat.

Each mat can be secured to furniture, and they have release buckles to pack it away easily.

Another option is the LAMTWEK Snuffle Mat which has ultra durability to withstand against strong biters.

The mat can aid skills training, including encouraging dogs to improve their foraging skills if you sprinkle food throughout it.

As well as a fenced design to prevent the food from overflowing outside, this mat also has thicker hair to help hide the food well.

Suction cups are included to keep the machine-washable mat stable on various surface.

Classic Toys


Many dogs love playing catch, so the ChuckIt! Fetch Medley is ideal for this.

Each ball is made from natural rubber and is easy to clean.

The medley has three balls, which include:

-Rebounce Ball, which is made from recycled rubber, which gives it a high bounce.

-Max Glow Ball, which glows in the dark and charges up within minutes.

-Whistler Ball which features a safely-contained whistle, and is made from durable rubber.

Treat Toys

Mixing treats with toys is heaven for many dogs.

The Kikkerland Bouncy Egg Treat Ball doubles as a bouncy ball and treat holder.

Simply fill it with dog treats and watch your pooch enjoy trying hard to get them.

Useful Dog Accessories

Grooming Products

Pampering products are great gift ideas for dogs, as they deserve to be treated to spa days too!

Zero Waste Path

Zero Waste Path have a range of natural products for dogs, including The Dog Shampoo Bar.

The bar contains neem oil, which provides a deep clean, and also moisturises their skin and hair.

An added bonus is the neem oil can act as a natural deterrent to fleas, ticks and other pests too!

To give their coat an added soft shine, follow this up with an acid rinse.

Zero Waste Path Dog Shampoo Bar sitting next to it's box with a white background.

After bathing, dogs benefit from being brushed.


The Mikki Bamboo Palm Brush is ideal for those with smooth or short coats.

It’s an eco-friendly brush made from sustainable bamboo, which is good for those with sensitive skin.

By using a stroking action with the palm brush, it can help reduce grooming anxiety in nervous pets.

The brush has soft, natural bristles, which can distribute oils through the coat, leaving your pet’s coat soft and shiny.

Palm brush in it's packaging by Mikki Pets.

Sniffe & Likkit

For a range of gentle and kind products, Sniffe & Likkit have some lovely giftsets.

Their Mutt Cracker Giftsets are packaged in cardboard crackers that can be hung on the tree!

Items inside the cracker can include shampoo, dog cologne, cleansing wipes and tasty treats.

Alternatively, the Inn The Dog House set contains all that’s needed for a canine spa day.

The set includes natural aromatherapy scented grooming products and a Scent Somethin’ nice fragrance sachet.

Treat Bags

The Kobe Fake News Treat Bag can hold up to two cups of treats whilst you’re out on your daily walk.

Made of lightweight, durable Tyvek, the bag could also hold other essentials like poop bags and trainer clickers.

It also has a drawstring for closure to keep everything secure.

Hiking Kits

For those who enjoy adventurous walks with their dogs, the Kobe Hiking Kit is perfect.

The small tin contains a number of goodies, including:

3 biodegradable poop bags, 3 wet wipes, 2 paper water bowls, dog light, tick removal tool and travel guide booklet.

It’s all you need for a great hiking experience with your best friend!

Gifts for Dog Owners


‘The hills bring into focus just how much we love being with dogs.’ 

Never Leave the Dog Behind is a book that explores the relationship between dogs, mountains and the people who love them both.

Award-winning writer Helen Mort writes about her personal story of falling in love with a whippet, Bell, which transformed her life.

She also meets search and rescue dogs, and interviews climbers to hear their inspirational journeys too.

Front cover of the book Never Leave The Dog Behind, by Helen Mort. The cover is outdoors with a lady cuddling a dog, standing on a mountain with sky behind them.

Pet-Themed Gift Ideas for Dogs

Yeti Cards and Gifts offer pet-themed gift ideas for dogs and their owners, as well as other artistic collections.

Their Dog’s Alphabet range includes items like the Dog’s Alphabet Storage Tin.

This hand-printed metal tin that’s perfect for storing dog items such as treats, medication or collars and leads.

The Dog’s Alphabet greeting card is also part of the range.

Made from high quality TruCard, it’s glossy-coated and scratchproof.

The card is left blank inside for your own message, and it comes with a bright green envelope.

Another item in the collection is the ‘Dog’s Alphabet’ hand-printed ceramic mug, which features 26 dog-themed illustrations.

It’s dishwasher-proof and microwave safe.

Giveaway (ends 10/12/22).

To win 3 items from this Yeti Cards and Gifts range, enter the giveaway on my website here.

A storage tin which is one of the gift ideas for dogs.

No payment has been received for this post. Some items have been gifted for us to test for the purpose of this post.
All opinions are honest and my own.
*Some affiliate links are included, meaning I might get a tiny commission if you were to purchase through the link.


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