Helping Your Child Buy Gifts for their Other Parent with Find Me A Gift

29th April 2021

As a single parent celebrating days for the other parent is very different compared to two-parent families.

I’ve had a mixture of experiences in the nine years of my son’s life. The early years his father wasn’t in the picture for various reasons, so Father’s Day wasn’t something we celebrated initially.

My own father has been in and out of my life, so some years I celebrated the day by giving gifts and kind words to my mother, because she was both parents for me.

These days my son thankfully has a good relationship with his dad, but co-parenting is still very volatile.

No matter how I feel towards him though, I will always encourage my son to celebrate him on Father’s Day.

Helping Children Buy Gifts For Their Other Parent

Now my son is nine-years-old, I like him to take the lead with the gifts, which makes them that much more meaningful.

I’ve always encouraged him to be creative with making Father’s Day Cards too.

Sadly this year his father chose not to get me anything for Mother’s Day (so my partner stepped in and my son picked some beautiful candles) but I will still get him something.

This is because I want my son to learn to appreciate people he cares for, and I want to teach him ways to do this.

It’s not about me or my ex, it’s about my son learning to show love, thoughtfulness and kindness towards others.

Find Me A Gift

Father’s Day this year is again during a lockdown, even if it is just for one more day away from freedom by that stage!

So I’ve looked again for gifts that can be bought online, and came across Find Me A Gift.

They have a great range of Father’s Day gifts, including personalised presents for that sentimental touch and funny, quirky gifts to make people smile.

I love that there’s gifts to suit all budgets and personalities. For people who don’t want ‘things’ they also have experiences, like spa days, supercar racing and other days out.

Find Me A Gift company logo which is a gift box and the words Find Me A Gift

All I needed to do was get my son to sit down with his tablet and look on the website. He then chose the things he liked most, added them to the cart and we worked out together which ones to purchase.

This control and independence gave him such a boost, and I can imagine how proud of himself he will be when he sees his father’s happy face as he opens his gifts.

I love that he’s now of the age where he can make gift choices, because when he gives them to me now they feel extra special.

Here’s what he picked for his dad:

Retro Gaming

If he loves gaming, the Retro Pocket Game is a great option. It’s under £15 and features over 100 games, some of which are classics from the 80s he may recognise.

This is such a great nostalgic present, where kids can learn about the fun games we used to play in the dark ages!

Retro pocket games console in its packet with a wooden floor background

It has an LCD screen, 8-bit games and comes in a pocket-sized classic hand console.

There’s asteroid blasting, racing and much more to take him back to his childhood.


Head Massager

Being a parent is stressful, and my son’s father is a builder so he wanted him to have something to relax him in the evenings.

He chose the Vibrating Spider Head Massager which is under £8!

It has wire rubber-tipped prongs that massage the scalp in a way that gives you goose pimples.

Vibrating head massager tool next to its case on a wooden floor.

Apparently this style of massage energises the body by stimulating pressure points on your head and neck.

This stainless steel gadget vibrates which adds to the relaxing massage.

Shiatsu Neck Massager

I’m hoping my son picks me some of these pamper gifts, because he’s selected well!

He also chose the Shiatsu Neck Massager which is portable so it can be used at home, work and even in the car (when pulled over of course).

It’s made from breathable material and can be used for your neck, back, waist and calves.

Box containing shiatsu neck and back massager on a wooden floor.

The eight massage nodes rotate in two directions and there’s even an option to use heat too.

These elements combined help the tool to give a deep tissue massage to help soothe tired, aching muscles.


If he’s a gadget fan, the site has so many different fun, clever gadgets including this desktop light.

For any Star Wars fans out there, they have a Baby Yoda Desktop Light which is great for adults and kids.

Star Wars Baby Yoda light in its box on a wooden floor.

This officially licensed light is a 3D desk or night LED light which can be USB or battery powered.

It’s portable and practical so you can take Baby Yoda anywhere!

The cuteness is strong with this one.


Find Me A Gift have a large range of personalised gifts, including mugs, accessories, jewellery and even food.

My son knows his dad has a sweet tooth, so he ordered a personalised Father’s Day Retro Sweet Jar.

Open tub of Father's Day retro sweets with some of the sweets in front of it on top of the lid.

The jar is full of retro sweets and can be personalised with 12 characters.

It’s a one litre tub that contains 12 different retro sweets, which are for anybody age 8+.

Other Ideas

Over the next few weeks I shall be posting some more ideas for Father’s Day Gifts so please keep an eye out!

If you have any great ideas too, please comment below.

These items were sent for the purpose of this review. No payment was received and all opinions are honest and my own.


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