This is the first Easter that Chunk really understands things such as hunting for eggs and of course eating chocolate, so thought I would make it a bit more special for him and my nephew Curly.

Due to being broke, I went to good old Poundland and found Easter baskets, yellow straw-like paper, some colour-in bunnies and plastic eggs.

I loaded the baskets up with the straw, a £1 Easter egg I got from Asda, DVDs, face paints and the colour-in bunnies.
Once the boys get their baskets tomorrow, they will have fun emptying them to play with all their treats, and then the baskets will be used to do a little egg hunt in Nanny’s garden. I found a free leaflet in Sainsbury’s this week that had cut out eggs for kids easter hunts, so I will cut these out and place them around the garden. I will also use the plastic eggs I bought and fill them with chocolate mini eggs and plant these too.

Chunk did a similar hunt at a play group recently and loved going around the playground trying to find as many paper eggs as he could for his basket, which gave me the idea!

I have also baked a mini egg brownie, as I came across the recipe on Baked Potato Mummy and wanted to give it a try.

It was really simple to do, but I was shocked at how much sugar and butter goes into it (diet really needs to happen after this weekend!)

Most of it has come out lovely, but I didn’t let the middle cook long enough, so we ate a very runny middle for our pudding tonight, and cut up the rest for tomorrow’s Easter with the family.

 All in all, I’m quite pleased with what I have achieved this year, and as the boys get bigger I will really enjoy creating difficult, but fun, Easter egg hunts and getting even more creative!

What are you doing for Easter this year?

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