Homeschooling During Corona Virus Isolation: Try Our Daily #KidsTakingPhotosChallenge (Day 1 Theme Included)

19th March 2020

School across the UK are closing until further notice from tomorrow, but due to our health conditions we’ve already been in isolation for four days.

I’ve been filling my son’s time with educational activities as much as I can, but it’s not easy. I’m not a qualified teacher, so I’ve been using online advice and tools where possible. But to be honest there’s only so much online maths, reading and writing he can do before we both get bored.

So I’ve created a challenge that I hope will be fun for him and children worldwide, as part of his ‘art’ lessons. It will break the day up a bit, help us both to think outside of the box and is also great for mental health.

I’ve called it the #KidsTakingPhotosChallenge which speaks for itself. Every day starting today I will post on Instagram and Facebook the theme. Kids can then take photographs inspired by this theme and share it.

My son enjoyed his first challenge today, and is looking forward to seeing how other children have interpreted the theme. As well as the time it takes to think of ideas, take photos and editing/uploading them, we can spend time analysing other people’s photos. That’s a good lesson plan right there *does a proud little dance*.

Challenge Instructions

It’s really easy. Each morning I will post a theme for the day on Instagram and Facebook. You can join in anytime- feel free to start Day 1 even when I’ve created 20 more themes since then.

Once you have taken some photos, upload them on Instagram with the tag #KidsTakingPhotosChallenge or add the photos as a comment on the daily post I will add on my Facebook Page.

That way everyone else taking part can see other children’s ideas and see the many ways we can all interpret a word.

I will be encouraging my son to think about different angles, zooming in/out and lighting when taking his photos. Doing this encourages them to learn how to see things from many perspectives and to use their imaginations.

Photo Challenge Day One Theme

I Love How He Captured This Letterbox

Today’s theme is SMILE.

Encourage them to think about what makes them smile. This is likely to be a few things, so they can have a range of photos to go through at the end.

My son photographed anything red he found during our dog walk, because “red’s my favourite colour and makes me smile”.

We had a lovely long walk exploring our local area in a different way to usual. He found red cars, flowers, signs, bus stops and my favourite was the letterbox. He used many angles for the letterbox and we chose our top ten images that were used on Instagram.

One of My Favourite Images He Captured

Theme Ideas Welcome

Feel free to comment with any theme ideas which I can add to the daily list. It’s not as easy to think of themes as you might think!


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