Keeping Kids Safe At Home

13th May 2014

kids in the house means being in a constant state of high alert. So much can
(and often does) go wrong! But taking a few simple precautions will ensure your
children can run riot to their hearts’ content, without coming a cropper and
doing themselves an injury.

Indesit ID60C2K S - range - freestanding
know what it’s like – you’re trying to cook tea when the phone rings and you
have to rush to answer it. Meanwhile the kids are chasing each other round the
kitchen pretending to be superheroes. So when the hob’s fired up make sure you use
the rings at the back to ensure that any little people rushing past don’t catch
their arms on the pan handles. Also, make sure your kettle has a short flex so
it can’t be pulled off the work surface.


simple – if you’re not using it switch it off (aside from the obvious safety
hazard, irons gobble electricity at an alarming rate!). If you’re distracted
mid-task, make sure the board is away from passing children – even if it’s
stone cold, a knock on the head from an iron resulting from a trip over a cable
can do some serious damage. And don’t forget, if you’ve just been using your
hair-straighteners, make sure you put them out of reach of small hands as they
cool down.

Batman Slipper BootsAround the house

life is hectic – glasses get broken, possessions get dropped and there’s
usually a pile of all sorts of stuff sitting at the bottom of the stairs. So to
avoid any hurt feet incidents, it makes sense to keep your kids’ slippers at
the door to change into as soon as they come in.
George boys slippers have a great selection to choose from, including fab
boot-style ones that’ll keep his ankles cosy.


all know to be careful about chopping food up into little pieces when feeding
babies and toddlers, but it’s also important to make sure your older kids’ food
and small toys aren’t within grabbing distance. And don’t let your kids run as
they eat, as the risk of choking is much higher when they’re on the move. When
it comes to nut allergies, most parents of sufferers are on the ball about making
others aware of their child’s condition but just in case, it’s a good idea to
make playdates and sleepovers nut-free zones.


JumpKing My First TrampolineIf
you’ve got a trampoline, make sure your kids observe the rules on how many it’s
safe to have on there at one time. Make sure that any gates or other points of
access to the outside world are secure so that little ones can’t wander off.
And of course, as the weather gets warmer, it’s crucial that any ponds are
securely fenced off and all paddling pool sessions are supervised by an adult
at all times.

if you do find yourself with an accident on your hands, have a
first aid guide handy so you can act quickly.

This is a post written and sponsored by Ivan Molner.
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  • clairdownham

    20th May 2014 at 9:05 am

    what a very informative post especially like the comment on using back burners on cookers

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