Guest Post: Why I Miss Being Pregnant

20th May 2016

The lovely Sarah from Whimsical Mumblings is today’s guest post writer. She wants to tell you why she misses being pregnant, which I must admit is making me feel broody; Do you feel the same?

To stop myself getting broody I also wrote a guest post for Sarah’s blog; Why I Don’t Miss Being Pregnant, which you can view on her blog.

Why I Miss Being Pregnant

Yes it’s true, I do actually miss being pregnant. 

Of course, I love my babies more than the world. 

I obviously don’t wish they weren’t born or anything! 

There’s just a few things I do miss about those pregnancy days.

Why I miss being pregnant
First Pregnancy


Oh how I miss the daily naps. Having a couple hours doze everyday was just what I needed. 

The Bump

I love baby bumps. The roundness, the closeness. I like the look of a big baby bump! 

The Anticipation

The waiting, the wondering, the hoping!

It’s exciting!

Feeling Special

Being pregnant and round does make you feel appreciated.

People care, people are interested in you.

It may sound a bit selfish, but the occasional attention is lovely.

Baby Clothes Shopping

Shopping with a baby is not so much fun, but shopping for a baby is lovely.

There are so many adorable outfits, little socks, booties! Everything is SO CUTE!

No matter how many babies you have, whenever you are shopping for a newborn, its always a surprise at how teeny the clothes are!

Little Flutters

Feeling the little flutters inside, that only you can feel.

Feeling and seeing the little feet kicking, it’s an indescribable feeling.


Cravings are fun! Haha. As long as you don’t crave something really fatty or inedible!

I craved Chocolate Milk & Green Apples with Little Girlie, and cereal with Little Boy!

Good Body Image

I loved my pregnancy body. I loved showing off my bump. 

I felt so good in all my clothes, I felt beautiful and feminine.

(I would never normally wear a bikini, let alone take a photo in one!)

Why I miss being pregnant
Second Pregnancy

Feeling Proud

The feeling of pride about taking care of my baby inside.

The pride that I would soon be a mum.

What I do not miss  

The Heartburn. So. Much. Heartburn.

What do you miss/not miss about being pregnant?

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  • Huselp Sument

    20th May 2016 at 10:15 am

    These photos are stunning! Love the lipstick, too!

  • Samantha O’D

    21st May 2016 at 6:43 pm

    After 20 weeks I felt terrible and really struggled. There's not much I missed

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