Moving Pets Onto New Homes (and Comforting Your Child!)

19th September 2015
I write a private blog for Chunk in the hopes that one day he will get to read it and find out what we did in his younger years.

I wrote a post today about moving one of his pets onto another home and thought I would share with you guys as you may end up in a similar position one day!

So here it is:

Yesterday we moved our third guinea pig Honey onto a new home.

She had only been with us for three months, but she just didn’t seem happy and I think three was a crowd. She was always hiding and never interacted with the other two and I wanted her to be happier.

Our Final Photo with Honey

I found a lady who was looking for another pig as she was rescuing a girl that needed a friend so it was perfect. She has a little girl called Alex who will help look after the two piggies and they have a large house and garden and it sounds lovely for Honey.

So I explained it to you and we had our final cuddles. You weren’t sure but you liked the idea that Honey would be helping another lonely piggie.

You stroked her and seemed fine but when the lady turned up you wouldn’t look at Honey and when she left you ran into your bed and sobbed.

It broke my heart to see you like that and it surprised me because truth be told you hardly ever acknowledge the guinea pigs, but I guess it is your first loss.

I cuddled you and reassured you that she would be happy and we would get to see pictures of her in her new home. The lady seems really nice and sent me a photo that very same day!
She is even offering for us to have some of her apple tree leaves that guinea pigs love to eat too!

You were really brave and I am so proud of you for handling it so well. The other two girls seem more relaxed already and I have reassured you they will be staying with us as they have been with us nearly a year now!

Love you to infinity and beyond little man,


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  • Unknown

    19th September 2015 at 9:40 pm

    Aww how sweet and sad. Funny how children can turn out to be more interested in & attached to things than they seem. Sometimes it is best for animals to be somewhere else though, and sounds like you did it in a lovely way. #bigfatlinky

  • Unknown

    24th September 2015 at 9:44 am

    Glad you found the perfect home. Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

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