Toy Review: My 1st JCB Dumper Truck

11th September 2014
Chunk is a typical boy in many ways, and his love of big trucks, lorries and tractors is just one example.

He has LOADS of cars, trains, trucks and tractors around our place which my feet regularly acquaint themselves with, but that doesn’t stop him always wanting more of them.

Golden Bears have recently created a dumper truck for toddlers aged 12 months and above which Chunk has had a lot of enjoyment from this week.

golden bear my1st jcb big wheeler
Chunk’s New JCB Dumper Truck

My 1st JCB Big Wheeler Doug is a large, push-along dumper truck with a cute little face. We have been finding things for Doug to hold in his bucket which can then be ‘dumped’. So far we have filled it with Chunk’s prize possessions (his dinosaurs), wooden blocks, trains, cars, plastic balls and even Chunk’s lunch (when I wasn’t looking).

The truck is a good size and appears to have been made to be quite robust, so I have no worries about using outdoors too.

Our next mission is to take it to Nanny’s and use it in the garden with the water tray. Chunk’s obsessed with water play, so I imagine he will spend hours filling it up with water and watching it pour out again.

If your little ones have similar tastes to Chunk, the truck can be bought from Amazon (I have a direct link below to save you searching for it!).

I was given one JCB Dumper Truck for the purpose of this review. No payment was received, and all opinions are honest and my own.

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