Mum On A Mission: Improving My Local Park

3rd June 2016
As you know from previous posts I have recently set up a committee with another mum in a bid to improve our play park.

Farm Green Park
Our Dreary, Deprived Park

We live in quite a deprived area and unfortunately the local council has made it clear there is no budget to refurbish the tired park. The equipment is breaking and there is not enough of it to fulfill the needs of younger and older children. The surfaces are starting to lift causing children to trip up and it’s covered in mould and moss, which in wet weather is very slippy.

So we are now in the process of trying to apply for funding and even have a crowdfunding page, but to even get to this point it’s involved so much hard work that I wish I had known what I was letting myself into!

The group have started to look at ideas for the park as we’re keen to make it an easy to sustain park full of naturally made/ wooden equipment that will hopefully last longer and look great.

When I was browsing schools recently for Chunk I noticed they all had these great canopy shades for the playgrounds, particularly the playgrounds that were specifically for nursery and reception children. I love these because they allow kids to be able to play outdoors in the boiling heat and the rain without worries of them overheating or freezing.

I would love to get one of these for the park as I want to be able to use parks all year round so Chunk has somewhere free to go where he can let out his energy and we can both stay dry/cool.

As I’ve been looking into these I’ve come across some pretty cool designs from Infinite Canopies which can be used for parks, schools and even your own back garden or for parties.

Infinite Canopies
An Ideal Park Picnic Area

I love this design (above) as it would be a perfect little play area / picnic area for the park. I hate plastic-looking tables and equipment in parks as I think natural wood looks so much better and I’ve noticed kids tend to deviate more towards tree stumps, logs and sticks than to plastic climbing frames!

If I had my own garden I would definitely want some of these colourful canopies, including the canopy den which Chunk would have great fun playing under!

Infinite Canopies
A Canopy Den

My favourite has to be these parasol-style canopies as I wouldn’t get bored of looking at them and can imagine how great they look when the sun hits them.

Infinite Canopies

I could easily sit underneath one watching Chunk play in his den.. but for now I will stick to the plan and continue to attempt to fundraise to get something like this for our park!

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  • Hannah

    4th June 2016 at 10:49 am

    Well done you. Shame on the council for providing no funding. That picnic area looks amazing and so colourful. I know it's not immediate but could you do something with Willow? Our local park has a willow tunnel that the kids love

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