School Holiday Activity Ideas: Paperless Drawing with myFirst Sketch Book

23rd July 2021

The summer holidays are officially here, and whilst ‘freedom’ has returned, I’m focusing on finding low cost, fun activities that are socially safe enough for peace of mind.

Long school holidays are not ideal, as it can be tricky to find things to do that entertain kids without breaking the bank.

My son has taken an interest in creative drawing recently and I love it, because it’s so beneficial.

Sketching is a calming activity which makes a lovely change from gaming or shooting me with Nerf guns, and it’s something that gets his creative juices flowing.

It’s even free to do and can be done anywhere, which is always a bonus!

Boy holding a box containing the myFirst sketch book.

To help keep this interest alive, I’ve found a way he can create art using a new digital pad.

myFirst Sketch Book was designed by a team of dads to help bridge the gap between technology and traditional toys for kids.

They recognised the need for children to engage with the advances in technology that the world’s developed in a safe way.

This inspired them to create a range of innovative gadgets for children of all ages with varying interests.

A digital camera was their first gadget, which has become the number one brand in Korea, and they’re now offering digital sketch books to enhance children’s learning.

What’s in the Box?

The box contains:

  • One myFirst Sketch Book
  • A smart stylus
  • Some pen tips
  • Free leather case
  • Charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide
myFrist Sketch Book on a carpet next to it's box and leather blue case.


The sketch book has a built-in memory to store 8 hours worth of material.

It’s light weight at only 335g, and the dimensions are 256 x 160.5 x 11.7mm

The battery has a 1000mAh capacity and when it’s fully charged it can power the tablet for up to 50 hours.

And when fully charged, the stylus can be used for up to an impressive 200 hours!

Perks of the Pad

The App

The book can be paired with an app which enables your child to adjust the thickness and colour of the pen strokes.

There’s options to do live drawings which can be watched on the phone whilst they’re being drawn on the tablet.

Creations are stored on the app, and even an animation of the sketch from start to finish can be saved.

Digitalise and Instant Share Work

Their finished pieces of work that are hand-drawn on the tablet can take a new life on the app.

The features of the sketches can be enhanced and shared to other devices and programmes instantly.

The myFirst Sketch Book on the floor with it's blue cover on.


This tablet is eco-friendly, as no paper or stationery is required.

It is a great way for kids to draw whilst saving the trees!


This hassle-free kids sketch book can be taken anywhere and anytime, as it’s easy portable.

It lasts for up to two weeks on one charge, which is great for trips, long car journeys and waiting rooms.

Free Leather Case

The device comes with a leather case to provide protection from scratches and breakages.

It comes in a variety of colours and includes s a pen holder for the stylus.

Vlog Review

For a more detailed review and to see it in action, check out our YouTube video below.

The video features my son using it for the first time and exploring all the different features it offers.

Overall I’m impressed, because it’s lightweight, easy to use and has many entertaining features.

The myFirst Sketch Book can be purchased on this section of the myFirst Tech website.

This product was gifted to us to test for the purpose of this review. No payment was received and all opinions are honest and our own.


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