Sentimental Gifts are the Most Precious: A Review of Personalised Jewellery from Belle Fever & 15% Discount Code

29th September 2021

I’ve been a parent for nine years now, but it feels like only a short while ago he was a baby.

The time goes so fast and I’ve lost so many special people in recent years, that I’ve started to become quite sentimental.

Wearing jewellery has never been my thing until I discovered I can treasure loved ones and even memories with it.

Belle Fever create personalised pieces that are special to you.

They have a gorgeous range of jewellery for men, women and children, celebrating love, family and memories.

You can design the tones and inscriptions, as well as include photos, handwriting and symbols that you treasure.

There’s a range of pieces to choose from, including charm bracelets, photo necklaces, keyrings, earrings, memorial pieces, floating dream lockets and tag necklaces that play songs.

My favourites include being able to put one of my son’s drawings onto a necklace which I can enjoy for years to come.

High Quality Material

High quality material is something Belle Fever prides themselves on.

They use a Moneil Silver and Gold mix that they created themselves, and it’s a hypo allergenic material.

The mix won’t tarnish or go black like some other metals like silver can, which is important with such special jewellery.

It is also a strong and solid combination, apparently similar to that of Titanium, meaning it should last for many years.

Family Tree Jewellery

I ordered the Sparkling Tree of My Life Washer Birthstones Necklace as a way to feel like my family is close whenever I wear it.

This is a handcrafted necklace that can feature 10 people’s names and birthstones.

It can come in five tones; Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Two Tone Rose Gold or Two Tone Gold.

I chose the silver tone, and love how it sparkles and shimmers whenever it catches the light.

Close up of a silver pendant with a family tree on it. Each leaf has a name and birthstone on it.

There are two chain lengths, and it can also be a keyring instead of a necklace.

Inscriptions can be added to the top and bottom of the pendant, so I chose the words ‘Together We Make A Family’.

For those still building their families, you can leave spaces for future additions to be added later too!

It comes in a gorgeous presentation box and I was even sent the design to approve before they created it.

15% Off Discount Code*

To get 15% off anything from the Belle Fever store, simply add the code SPP15 at the checkout.

There is currently no expiration date for the code, so you can use it many times!

This necklace was provided to test out for this review. All views are honest and my own.

*The discount code when used may provide me with a tiny commission.


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