Confessions of a SUMMER Parent #TheGoodStuff

23rd June 2016
How do you cope with your kids over the summer? And by that I mean how do you HONESTLY cope with them?

Confessions of a SUMMER Parent #TheGoodStuff
Just Hanging At The Park

This is the last summer Chunk will attend nursery three mornings a week (yes his nursery are open all year round!) before he starts school in September.

Those three precious mornings have got me through the last three summers so I’m already worrying about my fragile mental state and how it will survive next summer.

I guess most weeks for the last four years have been like a school summer holiday, because I have to entertain him all day every day, so maybe I will cherish those six weeks that I will juggle parenting and work.

How have I survived so far? 

The outdoors is my saviour during the summer, which is why I’m praying for the warmer weather to get it’s butt in gear and come to the UK.

My Summer Parenting Confession

This is my confession; I use play parks as my babysitter during the summer. 

Parks are free, they both entertain and wear out Chunk, and they allow me to sit and chat to friends rather than parent. Chunk loves the outdoors as he loves his freedom and it’s a great way for him to socialise with his friends whilst getting rid of some of the huge bundle of energy he’s got.

Confessions of a SUMMER Parent #TheGoodStuff
Wine Is Your Friend During The Summer

Tips for Finding the Best Babysitter Park

1. Security: Make sure there is secure fencing so that you can feel satisfied that the little blighters can’t do a Houdini on you and escape whilst you are gossiping and sipping Pimms cola.

2. Toilets: I like to spend the whole day in a park when it’s warm enough, and astonishingly some parks have no toilets! A four-year-old’s bladder and bowel is not something you want to keep waiting, trust me.

3. A Good Range of Play Equipment: Make sure the park has a lot of different things to do that meet your child’s age and ability. Shockingly some parks don’t have enough for the typical age range of kids who like to spend hours being active and having fun. My local park is awful which is why I’m fighting to improve it to ensure there’s enough to keep kids entertained and active by refurbishing it.

4. Lots of Seating: I’m lazy and I like to sit, sunbathe and chat whilst he’s burning the thousands of calories that I should be burning too. Parks can get rammed in the summer, so I choose ones that have lots of seating in the hopes I can grab a seat.

5. Take a Picnic: Park cafes and nearby newsagents don’t tend to be the cheapest, so I always pack snacks and lunch.

6. Pack Suncream and Waterproofs: The beauty of the British weather means it can change at any minute, so always be prepared! I pack extra clothes for Chunk too in case he decides to roll around in the mud or sandpits.

How do you survive?

Comment below because the more advice I can get, the better!

Confessions of a SUMMER Parent #TheGoodStuff
We Love Sliding!
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