• 15 Easy Ways To Save Money At Christmas

    28th October 2016

    The last thing you want to do is find yourself flooded with debt and despair for the new year. When you have children cancelling Christmas isn’t an option, but when money’s tight there are still ways you can have a great holiday season loaded with happy memories.

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  • Ways To Explore The Outdoors On A Low Budget

    4th August 2016

    Summer with kids can be really expensive if you’re not careful so I’ve been looking for fun activities that can be done for free or very low cost. Playgrounds and Parks These are free and fun so always a winner with Chunk. Playgrounds are great because there’s climbing equipment, sand, slides and lots of fun…

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  • DIY

    DIY: Toybox On A Budget

    28th June 2013

    Who wants to see my latest cheap (but great) creation for my little boy? As you all know I’m on a very tight budget, but I refuse to let my son go without; I just have to think of creative ways to get things sometimes!

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