15 Easy Ways To Save Money At Christmas

28th October 2016

The last thing you want to do is find yourself flooded with debt and despair for the new year. When you have children cancelling Christmas isn’t an option, but when money’s tight there are still ways you can have a great holiday season loaded with happy memories.

Here’s some helpful seasonal suggestions on cutting costs without dampening the holiday spirit:

1. Write A List

Never think about buying for the sake of it or giving into impulse purchases. Last minute presents can really stretch your finances too far. Leave the credit card at home and think about taking out a set amount of cash, then stopping when you’re done.

2. The No-Presents Pact

How about the adults in your family agreeing to only buy gifts for the kids? Sitting back and watching all of the magic through the children’s eyes is priceless.

If you happen to be someone that doesn’t want to think about going gift free, you can set a price limit that everyone agrees to so that all gift exchanges are equal and never the kind that will break your bank.

You can even think about going with items that are homemade or delicious treats, both of which are always welcome!

3. Check eBay

When you’re able to shop with a powerhouse like eBay, it will be easier for you to find new or gently used items that are perfect gift options, especially when it comes to children’s toys.

When they arrive, you can wipe them down, wrap them up and be confident that you will get the smiles and reaction you are looking for while also saving money in your holiday budget.


4. December 25th Is Just A Date


Try not to get hung up on the actual date here. You may have promised your child a new gadget or expensive piece of clothing for the
holidays, but you can look to other sales that start on the 26th.

This is a great way to take your child with you, you can spend time together shopping and you can save a whole lot of money in the process. Just be sure to follow through with the promise.

5. Opt Out Of Sending Christmas Cards

If you love to send holiday cards, but the cost is getting up there, think about going with homemade cards or hand delivering them instead of posting. There are a lot of people today who are sending virtual cards instead of paper to save even further.

6. Think Before You Shop

Prior to diving into your shopping routine, read up on all of the helpful tips that Martin Lewis has to offer through MoneySavingExpert.com.


7. The Christmas Menu

Be smart and brave with your Christmas menu. Instead of going with a high priced turkey, think of opting for a delicious cut of pork or beef that can be slow roasted to perfection all day.



8. Your Food Budget

It can be easy to overbuy when you hit the grocery store. Start looking to see what you may already have in your cabinets and shop smart with a list.

Remember that you’re shopping for one meal not an entire week, so stick to your budget.

9. Plan For Leftovers

In order to make the food budget go even further, plan in advance with containers and refrigerator space for all of your leftovers. There will be dishes you can freeze for later and have a wonderful meal.

10. Make Your Grocery List And Check It Twice

There’s nothing worse than finding out that you forgot the cranberry sauce when the bigger grocery stores are closed. This can cause you to run to your local convenience store, where you will pay double, or even triple.

11. Share Family Holiday Meal Costs

When you’re planning a large family gathering, think about sharing the costs with others, or even asking people to bring items for the meal. This is also a nice way to sample a variety of dishes that you may not otherwise have the pleasure to enjoy.

12. Hit A Wholesale Club

Think about hitting a warehouse shopping club for all of your bulk items to save a great deal of money for your holiday cooking needs.

13. What’s In The Box?

Remember that a lot of smaller children tend to have more
fun when it comes to the Christmas packaging than the gift inside. Even small items can be packed in a larger box for added excitement when it comes to opening time.

14. Go For Function

Everyone needs to replace their toothbrushes or toiletries from time to time. Think about going practical with useful gifts that you know people need. Put everything together in a basket for a great presentation.

15. Organise, Organise, Organise!

It’s never too early to get organised. Before Christmas hits this year you can plan out your shopping list for the new year to give you a jump-start.

The more of these tips that you try, the easier it will be for you to save money while still enjoying a memorable Christmas season.

If you have any tips to add please share them below!

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