• Money Saving Tips For Single Parents

    29th November 2017

    This time of year is so hard on many families financially, with Christmas gifts and even increased heating bills as it’s already getting so cold, which is why I like to share the tips I’ve found that help keep me within my tight budget.

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  • 15 Easy Ways To Save Money At Christmas

    28th October 2016

    The last thing you want to do is find yourself flooded with debt and despair for the new year. When you have children cancelling Christmas isn’t an option, but when money’s tight there are still ways you can have a great holiday season loaded with happy memories.

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  • Tips For Saving Money Around The Home

    22nd May 2016

    Saving money is something I always read up on because like a lot of working single parents, I’m broke most of the time! I thought I would share some of the ideas I have picked up during the last three years of living on a very tight budget. Please share your own tips in the…

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