• World Mental Health Day 2021: Mental Health in an Unequal World

    10th October 2021

    Today is World Mental Health Day, and this year’s theme is ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’. This theme was chosen, because access to mental health services remains unequal across the world. The World Federation for Mental Health state that between 75-95% of people with mental health conditions in low-income countries are unable to access…

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  • Toy Review: Teksta Micro Pets

    17th January 2017

    Chunk has a large Teksta robotic dinosaur that he got for his birthday a couple of years ago, so he was very happy to be sent one of the new baby versions to test this week. The Teksta Micro Pets are small, robotic pets that respond to your touch and voice. Their eyes light up…

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  • My Fitness Progress…

    13th November 2016

    It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update because I got struck down by a nasty stomach bug which left me unable to eat or exercise for a few days. However, since then I think the guilt of only going once a week to the gym for a fortnight kicked me into shape…

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  • Bing Bunny Halloween Activity Ideas

    20th October 2016

    Chunk is now at the age where he enjoys Halloween so I’ve been looking for arts and craft ideas to entertain him during half term. To celebrate this weeks launch of Bing:Show… And Other Episodes DVD, we were sent a Halloween-themed box of goodies to enjoy. I’m giving away 3 copies of the DVD so enter my competition!…

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  • Toy Review: Spiderman and Alien Mission

    16th October 2016

    The shops are filling up with toys and games in the lead up to Christmas, so here are a couple of toys we’ve recently tested out that are ideal kids gifts. French toy retailer Megableu asked us to test a couple of toys from their fabulous range, so Chunk chose Spiderman and Alien Mission. Spiderman…

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  • Week Two of Getting Healthy

    6th October 2016

    Bit of an up and down week this week in terms of both exercise and healthy eating . Exercise I failed to do any of my home workouts, BUT I joined the gym! I have not been part of the gym for about six or seven years, so this was a huge step. When I…

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  • We’ve Got Through The First Week of School

    16th September 2016

    So the first school week is over and all I can say is…phew! There’s been such a build up to this week for months; – preparing Chunk for leaving nursery and moving to a big school, and of course buying the dreaded uniform and accessories. He loved the first day, because only 8 pupils were…

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  • Chunk’s First Day At School!

    14th September 2016

    So two days ago we finally did it. Chunk had his first day at school and I got him there on time and with all the necessary equipment. I’ve been worrying about it a lot for the last week or so to the point it had been affecting my sleep. Watching the documentary on Channel…

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  • Week 1 of Exercise and Healthy Eating

    8th September 2016

    As you know I am trying (yet again) to get healthier as I’ve had enough of feeling heavy and sluggish. I’ve just completed my first week of trying to be healthier and it’s not been too bad. Exercise I have been trying out a workout programme (Turbofire) that I bought months ago but never opened.…

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  • Clothes and Shoes Shopping Never Bores Me

    27th August 2016

    The last few days have been SO HOT you would think we were abroad! I’ve had to get some clothes that suit this climate and managed to find some great, affordable bits and wanted to share them with you! I came across MeandI, a Swedish clothing company that features women’s, baby and kids clothes. They’re…

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