Single Parent Spotlight 30: Natasha

25th August 2016
The aim of these interviews is to show how AMAZING us working single parents are. 
I want to highlight how hard, but also how rewarding being a working single parent is, and to hear how other people in my position handle the tougher times, in the hopes I learn how to be the best parent I can be! 

Single Parent Spotlight
I’m sick of seeing the bad press single parents get in the media, because some single parents have taken the choice to live off benefits, or even worse, have children in order to get benefits. We all seem to get tarred with the same negative brush!

My 30th interviewee is Natasha, who has one child and is from Hampshire.

How old was your child when you became a single parent, and how did this come about? 
She was 4 weeks old when her dad just walked out.

What things have you found hardest as a single parent? 
Affording living costs and having enough money for food. 
Not having time to be me and go out. 
How stressful trying to do the shopping is.

What are the benefits to parenting alone, in your opinion? 
Not having to share the love of my child. 
No missing her if her dad had her.

Have you faced any negative judgements/stereotypes for being a single parent? If so can you share with us what happened and how it made you feel? 

What sort of relationship do you have with your ex, and how easy/difficult is it to maintain for your children? 
He does not wish to have any involvement with my daughter and is currently not paying any maintenance towards her.

What contact does your ex have with your child?

What’s your job, and how many hours do you work per week? 
Preschool Teacher, 34 hours a week

Who looks after your child when you’re working? How do you feel about the current childcare arrangements? 
She goes to nursery. 

How old was your son when you first went back to work? How easy was it to adjust back into work?
7 months.

Have you ever felt guilt by working? If so, why? 
All the time because I never get to spend time with my daughter, missing out on her first step, her first word. Working made my post natal depression a lot worse too.

What’s your view on Child /Working Tax Credits, and the cost of childcare? 
Childcare is expensive and always will be, but working in childcare doesn’t pay much.
Tax credits seem a fair payment..

What is your work/home/social life like? Have you managed to find a good balance? If so, how? 
I do not have a social life as can’t afford to have a babysitter.

Are you dating again? If so, how long did it take before you were ready to date again? 
No because there is never time to get to know someone without my daughter being around
What would your top 3 tips be to a newbie single parent? 
Stay strong
Believe in yourself
Don’t blame yourself

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  • Maya Russell

    30th September 2016 at 5:03 am

    So sad that the dad doesn't want to know his child. I hope that changes in the future, for the child's sake.

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