Chunk is about to start school so I’ve begun thinking about how to keep his lunchbox interesting.
I remember myself how boring it could get having the same sandwiches, crisps and fruit each day so I want him to have more pleasurable school lunches where possible.

I’ve created a Pinterest lunchbox ideas board so I can keep track of the lunch ideas I come across, so feel free to have a look in case you want to re-pin them for yourselves.

Sandwich Free Zone

Sometimes it can get so boring just having sandwiches, so I try to give Chunk other things such as slices of thick omelette full of veg, cheese and macaroni, which taste beautiful cold, as well as things to dip.

He loves having cherry tomatoes, cucumber, celery and breadsticks to dip in things such as flavoured hummus, so as long as I include an ice pack in the lunchbox he will get these sandwich-free lunches sometimes.

Healthy School Lunchbox Ideas
Banana Bites by The Big Man’s World

Snack Ideas

My favourite snack ideas include the No Bake Banana Bread Bites and the Carrot Stars because they are both great little snacks that can be added to liven their lunchboxes up and they aren’t full of processed sugars like some snacks can be.

Healthy School Lunchbox Ideas
Carrot Stars by Feeding Fin

Hartley’s are currently running an interesting challenge to help inspire us parents to create fun and healthy lunchboxes. It’s called the #HartleysYourLunchbox challenge and involves you being able to collect 12 special edition green lids from their jelly pots in return for n exclusive Hartley’s lunchbox.

The lunchbox includes sticker sheets including letters so your child can personalise their lunchbox. Hartley’s Jelly Pots have no added sugar so can be a great thing to put into your child’s lunchbox as a fairly healthy treat.

#HartleysYourLunchbox Challenge
Hartley’s Special Edition Lunchbox
This post is an entry for BritMums #HartleysYourLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Hartley’s Jelly.

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