Money Saving Tips For Single Parents

29th November 2017
This time of year is so hard on many families financially, with Christmas gifts and even increased heating bills as it’s already getting so cold, which is why I like to share the tips I’ve found that help keep me within my tight budget.

Use A Food Bank

I’m not ashamed to admit that this year things have got so difficult I sometimes use my local food bank. They’re an amazing resource and one that a lot of families rely on.

Each food bank has different criteria, usually in terms of checking your income and what benefits you are on, but if you’re eligible I would urge you to use them.

They are a great resource and each week I not only get the basic necessities such as pasta, bread, milk but also foods that we had never tried so we have fun trying new things!

Last year I wrote a few tips on how to save at Christmas time as it can be really tough.
These included writing lists of gifts, food and things you feel are needed and not deviating from the lists, as well as cheaper places to search before buying certain toys and products.
Homemade gifts and second-hand toys are just as special to children. Christmas is supposed to be about spending quality time together more than any physical gift, so planning games and activities for the Christmas period will be well received from any child!

Batch Cook Meals

Not only does it save time each week but it also means you’re more prepared, stretch your food out to last and reduce the risk of buying extra ‘ready meals’ during the week when you haven’t got time to cook.

Foods like pasta sauces, lasagne, cottage pie and fish pie are great to make from scratch and freeze for up to a month.

Freecycle/ Freegle

I signed up to many local free sites years ago and continue to use them as they are brilliant! If you want to declutter you can offer things for free and people near you can collect,so you haven’t got the hassle of having to try and take them somewhere, and they will be recycled rather than thrown away!

You can also get lots of great things that other people are getting rid of. I have got toys, furniture, kitchen equipment, garden toys and so much more over the years. I’ve enjoyed upcycling the furniture to make it look new and to fit in with my decor.

I wrote a post about how to avoid scammers on free sites a while ago, so check this out before doing this.

Plan Ahead

This is a tricky one for me, but when I do it, it works so well!
I use a bullet journal to plan what I need to get done each day, and I also love using lists.

These can be about food planning for the week, activities, chores and bills that need paying each month. Most parts of the country have local money advice centres, and they can offer free budgeting advice so check them out.


This is not something I’ve tried, but I’ve heard that loans for bad credit can be taken out, and if you pay them back on time this can increase your credit rating. So if you are in need of improving your credit rating quickly, short-term loan companies (make sure you research for reputable companies first) can help.

I tend to buy everything on my credit card that I know I can pay back on time, to avoid any fines and to help raise my credit rating.

Do you have any tips? If so, comment below!

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