• gift ideas

    Dementia-Friendly Christmas Gifts

    7th December 2016

    Christmas gifts are going to be more difficult this year. As my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s progresses, it’s becoming increasingly harder to find gifts that she will enjoy.

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  • 6 Things I’ve Learnt About Caring: Advice To New Carers

    8th August 2016

    I became a carer for my mum when I was 12 years old, and since moving out in my early twenties I still keep a close eye, as her needs have increased. I also care for my nan, though not as much because the demands of being a single parent to a young child tends…

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  • Finding Ways To Talk To People With Dementia

    3rd April 2016

    Now that my nan’s getting into the more severe stages of Alzheimer’s I’m noticing it’s becoming more difficult to hold a conversation with her. This is normal for those with Dementia because the disease shuts down parts of the brain bit by bit so communication and speech can be affected hugely. My nan is forgetting…

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  • Hobbies For Those With Dementia

    29th March 2016

    As you’re aware my nan has Dementia in the form of Alzheimer’s and every now and then I write about how it’s affecting her (as well as me). In recent weeks my nan has started to deteriorate particularly in the evenings, which is known as sun downing. She starts to become very confused, disorientated and…

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  • Nan 1 – Alzheimer’s 0

    30th January 2016

    Yesterday was a good day for my nan and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I chose that day to visit her. Things seem to have deteriorated a lot since her diagnosis a few months ago to the point where she is accepting a lot more help (thankfully) but she is also…

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  • Sponsor My Skydive for Alzheimer’s!

    17th January 2016

    Me and My Nan Late 2015 my amazing grandmother, Margaret Hammond, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which is a very cruel form of Dementia and known as ‘The Long Goodbye’ for a good reason. Once diagnosed unfortunately no support has been offered to inform my family of what to expect or how to help support my…

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