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As you know #My3Things is my way to try to value myself and my parenting a bit more, so I’ve created this and a linky for other bloggers to join in with too.

Each week I list three things that have not gone so well that week, three things I want to focus on improving next week, and ending the post with three things I’ve done really well. The reason it’s in this order is because you should always end on a positive! 

It’s not about telling yourself off, or criticising, it’s about self improvement and recognising the skills and good things about us which we always ignore. Yes it starts by looking at what wasn’t too good, but this is so you can reflect on why these may have gone wrong and then look at how to avoid this next week- we learn from our mistakes!

The linky is to keep me and you guys motivated- thanks to all those who joined in last week and hope to see you again this week! 

If you don’t have time to write a post like this, feel free to link up with a post you’ve written this week showing happy parenting times or achievements!

3 Things That Were Not So Good This Week

  • I have been finding it quite difficult to just and play with Chunk as I’ve had a lot on my mind, so have preferred to busy myself with decluttering and chores which I feel guilty about.
  • Chunk has been refusing naps despite being shattered, resulting in an even whingier boy around dinner time.
  • I’ve not completed as much work as I had hoped this week.

3 Things I Want To Focus On Next Week

  • Focussing on the now rather than the past and future, so I can enjoy moments such as playing with Chunk.
  • Upcycling some more furniture.
  • Starting to plan for my upcoming 30th birthday and Xmas.

3 Things I’ve Done WELL This Week

  • I have spent some small pieces of time engaging in some fun play with Chunk to try to make up for the chores I have been doing to distract myself from my thoughts.
  • Started to use some cognitive behavioural therapeutic techniques to challenge the way I can think about things, such as learning to stop being so hard on myself about things that weren’t my fault.

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