#My3Thing Positive Parenting Motivator: Week 20

18th January 2015
#my3things parenting motivator linky

After a few weeks break again (things have been hectic to say the least!) My 3 Things is now back! 

#My3Things is my way to try to value myself and my parenting a bit more, so I’ve created this and a linky for other bloggers to join in with too.

Each week I list three things that have not gone so well that week, three things I want to focus on improving next week, and ending the post with three things I’ve done really well. The reason it’s in this order is because you should always end on a positive! 

It’s not about telling yourself off, or criticising, it’s about self improvement and recognising the skills and good things about us which we always ignore. Yes it starts by looking at what wasn’t too good, but this is so you can reflect on why these may have gone wrong and then look at how to avoid this next week- we learn from our mistakes!

The linky is to keep me and you guys motivated- thanks to all those who joined in last week and hope to see you again this week! 
If you don’t have time to write a post like this, feel free to link up with a post you’ve written this week showing happy parenting times or achievements!
3 Things That Were Not So Good This Week
  • My son had his heart operation in London and when I got home I realised I had put on 5lbs in stress eating and snacking!
  • I’m still finding it hard to tolerate milk to the point where my body is in agony and it’s driving me mad.
  • My money situation is getting pretty bad and sperm donor is disinterested in trying to help his son by getting a job…

3 Things I Want To Focus On Next Week
  • Getting back into my healthy eating that had lost me 3lbs last week!
  • Organising my blogging and my work so that I have time to do both as well as my new workout regime.
  • Getting my boy better after his surgery.

3 Things I’ve Done WELL This Week
  • I coped well with my toddler’s heart surgery (apart from when they put him to sleep, that bit was HORRIFIC) and it showed me just how precious he is to me, but also how strong I’ve become.
  • I have started to make lists of things I need to get done to try to avoid forgetting to do them.
  • I have decided to avoid dating at the moment as I’m really not interested which is a very new feeling for me (but of course I keep a few of my buddies for when the urge hits lol). 

Now it’s your turn…


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  • Unknown

    20th January 2015 at 8:09 pm

    I'm sorry things weren't great for you this week, I was thinking about you all week about how your son was getting on. Hope everything is ok 🙂

    I have taken a leaf out of your book and going to attempt to make a few lists of things that I need to get done!

  • Megan Adams

    20th January 2015 at 9:26 pm

    This is such a good way of putting positivity to work. Hope your son is recovering x

  • Anonymous

    23rd January 2015 at 5:47 pm

    You mention weight :- Gain of 5lbs (stress, snacking), loss of 3lbs previous week.

    Apparently stress does have an impact on weight :- Hormones (Cortisol, Insulin) believe I came across that on the internet. Also often poor sleep due to stress :- Awake more = Eat more etc.

    Maybe there is a need to acknowledge that stress can be part of life. Though maybe Relaxation, Stress Management Techniques etc could assist in weight loss and or weight management.

    Rachel Craig

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