Bing Bunny Halloween Activity Ideas

20th October 2016

My son’s now at an age where he enjoys arts and crafts, so I’ve been looking for creative Halloween ideas for kids to do during half term.

To celebrate this weeks launch of Bing: Show… And Other Episodes DVD, we were sent a Halloween-themed box of goodies to enjoy. 

This DVD is the eighth volume in Season One, and comes with paper cut-outs of the characters where families can enjoy creating a scene, perfect for a night in for Halloween!

Bing Bunny Halloween Activity Ideas

Halloween Ideas for Kids

Trying creative Halloween ideas for kids is something I’ve been enjoying for years.

You may remember a couple of years ago I made Halloween candles using napkins. I have also attempted to carve pumpkins and we love the dressing up and face painting we get to do!

We created carrot fingers, Halloween cake, deadly cocktails and a decorative pumpkin to enjoy with the DVD, and here’s how we did each activity:

Carrot Fingers

Peel carrots and cut a flat, nail-bed like surface at the tip. Using peanut butter, stick an almond flake on the tip to look like a fingernail. You can then stick them in dip (I used my homemade hummus) to look like a whole hand of fingers!

Deadly Cocktails

We got some orange and carrot juice and put it into a Halloween plastic cup nanny found at a supermarket.

We then added a Halloween-themed straw.

The orange colour makes it look like a pumpkin cocktail, but you could use other squashes such as lime or a green smoothie for a slimy look.

Bing Bunny Halloween Activity Ideas

Halloween Cake

Bake a simple sponge cake or carrot cake if you want to make it a Bing Halloween cake.

Then add some Halloween-style icing cake toppers.

You could be even more creative and use food colouring to make a more gruesome looking cake. 


We got a couple of tiny, foam pumpkin shapes so my son could decorate them with paint, glitter and anything we found in our craft drawers.

I plan to get a real pumpkin soon and try the Bing and Flop stencils so watch this space!

Bing Bunny Halloween Activity Ideas

If you have any other Halloween ideas for kids, please put them in the comments below.

We were sent the craft pack to test for the purpose of this review. No payment was made, and all opinions are honest and my own. 


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