Travel Goals: Driving Across Australia

21st January 2016
I was recently posed the question: ‘If you were to travel the world in a van with enough room for a family, what do you think you would need, where would you go and why?’ and it really got me thinking. 

There are so many places around the world that I have yet to see which are on my bucket list, and one of the things I’ve always dreamt about has been to fly to Australia, hire a van and just spend weeks exploring this large, beautiful country. 

I would pick a camper van that has fold out sofa beds and would pack portable cooking equipment and a mini fridge for the essential cold stuff (cider, wine and maybe some milk). 

Travelling around a large country is not something you want to do with a huge, heavy load of equipment, so I would take only a handful of clothes and wash them at launderettes, I would try to eat out as much as possible or eat the easy tinned meals like beans on toast and pasta when the money runs out. 

I could even pack a tent for the warmer nights in some pretty locations so I can sleep under the stars and enjoy campfire fun, including melting marshmallows or chocolate-stuffed bananas in foil.

Australia in particular looks like a fascinating and stunningly beautiful country to travel across, with The Great Barrier Reef being one of the ultimate sights I want to see before I leave this Earth (if we manage to stop it from completely disintegrating).  

Coral at the Great Barrier Reef
Chunk and I could have the time of our lives travelling from place to place comparing scenery, culture and atmosphere and you cannot get that sort of education at any school in my opinion.

Where would you go?

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