Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 2021

1st December 2021

As we approach December there’s tons of adverts for toys and gadgets, that it can be overwhelming!

If, like me, you don’t know where to start, I’ve compiled a list* of some of my favourite Christmas gift ideas for kids.

My family has children over the age of 5, so many of these ideas are suitable for primary and secondary school ages.

If you have any other ideas, please leave them in the comments below.



myFirst focus on bridginge the gap between technology and traditional toys for kids.

They offer a range of innovative gadgets for children of all ages with varying interests.

This includes their very clever headphones, which use bone construction technology to transmit sound via your cheekbones.

The technology leaves ears open to the surrounding sounds, meaning us parents can still get their attention!

From a safety aspect, they’re also great, because kids can remain alert to their surroundings when outdoors.

The headphones are wireless and can be connected via Bluetooth smartphones, tablets and watches to play music or audio from 15 metres away.

The audio is set to safe levels to protect their ears, whilst being loud enough for them to enjoy the sounds.

They’ come in two colours and are unbreakable, water-resistant and weigh just 26 grams.

Once fully charged they can be on standby for 480 hours and playback for 5 hours.

They also have a fabulous paperless Sketch Pad that my son reviewed on this blog recently.

It’s great, because once something’s been drawn, you can use the app to edit it further, and there’s no paper mess!

The myFirst digital sketch book laid out with its box standing up behind it.

Family Games


Based on the popular Channel 4 TV show, Taskmaster The Board Game involves a fold-out Taskmaster house board complete with Garden, Kitchen, Lab and Living Room task zones.

The object of the game is to complete a series of ludicrous tasks earning as many points as possible to become the ultimate Taskmaster champion.

Compete with your friends and family in a series of ludicrous tasks to be crowned Taskmaster Champion. Judge or be judged.

It’s time to summon your inner Taskmaster!

Taskmaster Board Game box standing behind the game laid out.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game is also based on it’s legendary TV show.

This game involves going head-to-head with your family and friends in a race to reach £1 million.

Relive classic moments from the show and tackle the iconic money ladder using only your wits and digital lifelines (accessible through a smart device).

Be careful though, because a wrong answer causes you to fall back to your closest safety point. 

Who Wants to be a Millionaire board game box

Pass The Pugs

Pass The Pugs is a new take on the classic Pass The Pigs game.

A pair of pugs are in your hand and are rolled like a dice. How they land determines if you’re Top Dog or runt of the litter.

Will you find Puppy Love, Play Dead or roll a Bummer?

Score points according to how your Pugs land, which can be a Faceplant, a Snoozer or a Canine Combo!

The pugs come in a handy carry case which includes a rulebook, scorepad and 2 pencils for keeping track of all your tricks.

It’s a great game at home, or whilst out and about, as it easily fits in a handbag. Pass The Pugs can be bought via Winning Moves

Pass the Pugs game to the right of it's presentation box.

Emoji Action Game

The Ginger Fox Emoji Action Game is perfect for kids (8+) and adults who like fast-paced games.

The aim is to be the first to get rid of all of your cards.

Lightening-fast reactions are required, and funky moves to beat your opponents.

Suitable for 2 or more players, it’s a great way to spend a winter’s evening, or take on holiday for those downtime moments.

Ginger Fox Emoji Action game laid out next to it's box.

The UpsideDown Challenge

This is a great game where you find out what happens when your world turns upside down.

Put on the goggles and experience how easy tasks suddenly turn into a really challenge!

The #UpsideDown Challenge is easy to understand and contains 100+ drawing and activity challenges.

The game takes just 20 minutes to play, and can have 2-6 players.

The box of the board game The Upside Down Challenge.

Creative Activities

3D Owl Puzzle

The 3D Owl Wooden Puzzle makes a lovely stocking filler for creative kids.

They can create the puzzle alone, or with the whole family.

I would love this sort of activity on a rainy day inside with my son.

It’s made from balsa wood and durable bamboo sticks are packed in a wooden box for easy storage.

A 3D wooden owl that's been built and put on a wooden table.


Geomag have yet again produced some great gift-worthy presents for your little and older inventors.

Their Magicube Shapes 13 Piece set is for younger children 12 months- 5 years.

They can get creative with this 13-Piece Magnetic Blocks & Wheels set, which is the perfect introduction to block building.

It features magnetic blocks, colourful blocks and 4 magnetic wheels to help bring their creations to life.

What’s more, the blocks are all made from 100% recycled plastic so it’s a lovely, sustainable gift.

For older children, aged 8+, there’s the Geomag Mechanics Loops and Turns 130 Piece Construction Set.

The Mechanics Gravity Magnetic Track harnesses the invisible forces of magnetism and gravity through interesting means.

The spheres inside the circuit move by an innovative magnetic cannon that uses the force of attraction of the accelerating magnet.

So as well as being fun, this is a great STEM kit to teach children about gravity.

The construction system has a gravity motor which uses the weight of the Geomag spheres to kickstart the mechanisms and movements of the structures.

Amazingly, the motion is provided by the invisible forces of gravity and magnetism, without using electricity or batteries.

Eat, Sleep, Doodle

Does your child love to draw and colour in?

EatSleepDoodle have a great range of gifts that encourage kids to engage with, via doodling!

The range includes pencil cases, books, bags, duvet covers, placemats, craft kits and more.

Their World Map Pillowcase makes an ideal fun and educational gift for kids.

It comes with ten wash-out fabric pens that don’t stain fingers either.

As a bonus, children can find out more about the World from the company’s learning resource page.

Wild animals. sea creatures and famous icons can be coloured in various shades, which then disappear on a warm machine cycle, ready to start again!

It’s a perfect gift for kids of all ages, and being reusable is always handy.

Make Your Own Harmonica

Any musical children in your family?

Make Your Own Harmonica by Kikkerland enables you to make a harmonica from scratch.

The best part is you can decorate it in any way you want for that personal touch.

My son is an avid doodler and sketcher, so I can only imagine how fun his would look!

An image of the Make your own harmonica

Dantoy Sets

Role play is one of the best forms of play and also learning.

What better way to learn how to do household chores and be independent than role play toy sets?

Pretend Playsets engage your children for hours of creative play.

Dantoy’s have a great range including their BIO-Line Baking Set for ages 2+.

The design encourages endless imaginative games for a child on their own, or with others.

Some of the baking set could even be used in reality, such as the cookie cutters, so they can cook with you!

Their 16 Piece Tea Party Set has everything a little one needs for a fun tea party.

It includes cupcakes, utensils, a teapot, and a fun book that is all about a very sweet polar bear called Thorbjørn, whose lost a missing ice crystal.

Each Thorbjøn  set comes with the missing ice crystal and the it can get lost in one of the cakes, so kids can try to find it.

The set is dishwasher safe and both sets are eco-friendly and packaged using recycled materials.

Dantoy is the first plastic toy manufacturer to have its products Nordic Eco-labelled, helping to protect the environment.

Kid’s Clothing


PrimaBerry create products that are sustainable by using mostly environmentally-friendly materials and production methods.

Adults and children are catered for on their website, with gifts ranging from clothing, bags, jewellery, to notebooks and umbrellas.

They have various designs from dogs, cats to flowers across many of their products, so you can buy matching sets.

For example, you can have the same design on a t-shirt, bamboo socks, cork notebook and umbrella.

Their bamboo socks are my son’s favourite, because they are so soft and comfortable.

Bamboo has so many benefits, as it’s sustainable, provides a softer and luxurious feel, absorbs moisture and is naturally antibacterial, which helps reduce foot odour.

To see some of their adult range, check out my Adult Christmas Gift Guide.

The company believes in giving back, so donate 5% of profits to causes related to education and animal welfare.

Kinder Kids

A brand new company launched only a few weeks ago is Kinder Kids Graphic Art.

Mum-of-two, Michelle, designs clothing and art to inspire children to feel positive, strong and confident.

Many of the clothes feature empowering words, to encourage our newest generation to do better with the World than we have.

My son has their World Shaper t-shirt in Mineral Blue, (it also comes in Heather Pink) which I think is a brilliant, inspiring message to display.

They have a Charity Collection of clothing, where 15% of sales go to Michelle’s chosen charities.

Their limited edition Christmas jumper Too Cool for Yule is one of these charity pieces, with donations going to Crisis UK.

The jumper comes in Midnight Black and Ruby Red, and is printed with water-based and vegan inks.


Dream to Change the World

If Black History is something you want to teach your young children, I may have found a great book.

For children aged 5-8 years, Dream to Change the World by Ken Wilson-Max is based on the late John La Rose’s personal papers depicting his early years in Trinidad.

John La Rose was a tireless supporter of the black community and co-founder of the George Padmore Institute.

This is a magical story about the childhood of La Rose and his fascinating life.

The author said of his book:

Having grown up in a large, culturally blended family, it was not difficult to create empathy-based stories, where those reading could imagine what it feels like to be those they read about.  My hope for the books is to show people that we are more similar than different and equally entitled to history, culture, pride and dignity. These stories are accessible to all children and encourage them to step into another experience of the world.Ken Wilson-Max

The second book in this series, Jump Up, coming out in February 2022, draws on the early history of Carnival. 

These two new books will be the first in a new series of Black history books published by the Institute, helping to fill the void in reading material for younger children that the 2020 Black Lives Matter campaigns highlighted.

The book can be bought on the George Padmore Institute discover page- click on the ‘SHOP’ tab to find it.

Book cover of the book Dream to Change the World.

Action Toys

Nerf BUNKR Sets

My son LOVES Nerf and I have a living room full of their toy guns to prove it.

To shake things up this year, I’ve found their BUNKR range, which is perfect for battles!

It comprises of inflatable stackers that can stand alone, stack together or add with other BUNKR products to increase cover from your opponent.

They’re great for transforming any environment into a giant battle zone easily for kids aged 8+.

The stackers are easy to inflate with oversize air valves and are safe for indoor and outdoor play with the integrated Stability System.

I’m giving away their Go Battle Set on the blog here too, which ends in time to receive it for Christmas (12/12/21).

Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Bike Parka

BikeParka is an independent UK based company with over 25 year’s experience producing some fantastic bike covers for kids.

Covers come in four different sizes: Mountain Bikes, BMX bikesXL and Cargo ones (for extra large bikes), and come in a variety of colours.

They also offer totes and waterproof backpack covers to keep your bags protected during your cycle.

They’re engineered to protect your bike against snow, ice and rain, and offers the highest UV protection too.

Wristband Bike Mirror

The Wristband Bike Mirror is handy for children who cycle independently, or who want to learn to.

It helps to eliminate blind spots, without having to turn your body around mid-cycle.

Velcro reflector straps help the mirror to be put on easily and sit comfortably on the wrist.

Road safety for cyclists is so important, so handy things like this are always a good gift idea.

Image of the wrist band bike mirror in its packaging.

Food Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Cook School

Cook School aspire to teach children to cook fresh, healthy food from scratch, and they’ve launched three fun boxes for Christmas.

The boxes are delivered straight to your door, and contain all the ingredients and instructions for kids to make their own festive food fabulousness.

They make great gifts to give to children, or they can make the food as gifts for teachers, friends and family.

All boxes purchased help fund Cook School’s food education programmes, which aims to teach children how to cook.

Their recipes are all created with seasonality at their heart, using the freshest fruit and veg, and each box uses recyclable and compostable packaging.

Cook School is also collaborating with Pump Street Chocolate on a secret-recipe chocolate chip cookie box, which arrives with everything needed to create deliciously chocolatey and chewy giant cookies. 


Chocolate is always a favourite stocking filler for us, and advent calendar choice.

This year we have stocking fillers and calendars from Montezuma, who have a luxurious Christmas range this year.

I have their Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate calendars, made from quality organic beans and milk.

We also have their Chocolate Snowballs, which come in three flavours: peppermint & truffle vanilla, salted caramel & white chocolate and peanut butter white chocolate.

Each set is packaged in nifty bags and filled with festive flavours, and the snowballs have a smooth ganache and creamy shell.

Two blue Montezumas Chocolate Advent Calendars as christmas gift ideas for kids

Other Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

To find other ideas, visit my Amazon shop (contains affiliate links*) which has many categories of gift ideas.

There’s also my Christmas Gift Guide for Kids from last year that has some lovely ideas too.

No payment was given for this post. All opinions are honest and my own.
*This post contains some affiliate links, meaning I might receive a tiny commission if you purchase through the link.


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