Toy Review: Decathlon B1 Scooter

5th October 2015
We have been so ill today so have been stuck indoors feeling quite bored and restless until Chunk got a delivery!

He was sent the Decathlon B1 Scooter which is for ages 2-4 years and the first thing I noticed was how light it was compared to his old scooter. This is important for me, because Chunk tends to use it halfway to the local shop and then decides he’s too tired to carry on so I have to carry it!

Decathlon B1 Scooter Review

The scooter has the option of five different coloured shells (green, red, yellow, blue, pink) and we chose green. It was easy to assemble, literally just screwing the green casing on and popping the handle in!

It has two adjustable handle heights and my boy being a very tall three year old is already on the highest setting.
The wheel angle is supposed to help the child with balance and he seems to take corners with this one a lot easier than his old one so I’m guessing that’s why.

Overall it seems like a good quality, lightweight scooter that’s ideal for young children to use to learn how to balance and scoot before using the heavier, larger scooters.

Chunk was sent this scooter to test for the purpose of this review. No payment was received and all opinions are honest and my own.

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