Guest Post by Gingerbread: Getting Financial Help In An Emergency

29th July 2015
I’ve heard so many awful stories about people who have taken out payday loans in a desperate bid to pay bills and keep a roof over their children’s heads, so when Kathyrn Excell at the rather brilliant single parent charity Gingerbread offered to write some money tips for us, I jumped at the chance to feature it!

Getting Financial Help in an Emergency:
 “I work full time at minimum wage and have to
work 60+ [hours] a week to cover rent, bills and food”. 

“I’m always playing
catch up”. 

“There’s no respite from watching every penny”

These are the words
of some of the single parents that we’ve spoken to at
Gingerbread, the single parent charity. Our research found
that nearly early eight out of ten single parents find managing their financial
commitments is always difficult
at best – and at worst, often means falling behind on rent or
bills [1].

We know that single parents work incredibly hard to provide for their
children, carefully monitoring their outgoings and planning for anticipated
costs such as birthdays or Christmas. But when there’s an unexpected change to
your finances, keeping on top of things can become challenging.

It can then be very tempting to take out a payday loan, or other short
term loan, to cover the shortfall. However, these types of loans can often make
things worse. Payday loan debt can quickly spiral as the interest payments are
very high, meaning that if you don’t pay it back on time, it could end up
costing you a lot more than expected.

Fortunately, payday loans are not the only way to get financial help in
an emergency. In our new
video below,
Gingerbread Adviser Yvonne talks through some of the other options available
such as budgeting loans, hardship
payments, short term benefit advances, and even grants. She explains how you
can get support with your rent payments, or help with utility bills. The video
also looks at getting help with one-off payments for furniture or clothing for
example, explaining how you could access interest-free loans or a grant.

The two most important things to remember
are: the help is out there and you are not alone. If you’re worried about managing
your finances, or know someone who is, please watch and share the

You can find more
advice on our
website, by calling our helpline, or by speaking to
other single parents by
joiningGingerbread as a member (it’s

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  • Unknown

    2nd August 2015 at 9:50 pm

    Great post and such useful information to have. Thanks for this and for hosting #singleparentlinky x

  • prwilson

    6th August 2015 at 1:38 am

    Excellent post.

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