Clearing The Negative Energy From My Home, And Hopefully My Life

10th May 2014

When I was given the exciting challenge to guest post for a blogger overseas, I started by taking a good look at Lady Frankie’s blog to get some inspiration.

As soon as I saw her post about clearing the bad energy from her home, I got quite excited!
My son’s father left our little family when he was just 6 weeks old, to take heroin and alcohol. My son has just had his second birthday, so I have been a single parent for what feels like an eternity!
For the first year of his life it was a very tough one. His ‘father’ would randomly contact me when he was high, he would convince me he was now on detox meds but then visit our son and steal the money in my purse that was to be used to feed him. He would text me at 11pm at night to inform me that one of his fellow drug-using ‘friends’ was going to come to my flat to kill me and my baby in order to get back at him, so I would proceed to pace the flat, panic whenever I heard people coming towards the block and my anxiety went sky high. Mix that with the lies, constant let downs, my lack of sleep, money and my anxiety disorder and you have one very depressed lady!
In turn, this must have had a huge effect on my home atmosphere. Even when the man went into rehab a year ago, as a sober man he has chosen not to finance my son’s needs and has lied about a lot of things to ensure I cannot even trust him to look after my son, so I made the decision he was not to be part of my son’s childhood.
Recently I have finally gotten over a lot of what happened back then, and now that I have gone self employed, whilst being very broke, I’m loving having lots more time with my son and he is really blossoming as a result of having that one consistent attachment figure.
So I now feel ready to make a fresh start, move on and maybe even find a decent partner and father for my child, so the thought of clearing negative energy from my home sounds ideal right now!
Unfortunately I can’t afford for someone to come to my home and perform the rituals needed to remove that negative energy like Frankie had, so I have started to try to do it myself!
According to Psychics Universe, you need to consider the four natural elements when it comes to cleansing your home: Air, Earth, Water and Fire.
Air seems like a really easy one, as the first thing you do is open all your windows. I’m glad it’s spring or else this would not have been an enjoyable experience, as you leave them open for the whole day!
This is to clear out all the “bad energy debris” according to the site, and they also suggest using sound vibrations, such as clapping your hands or ringing a bell. I’ve seen this on TV usually with the person being made fun of on a comedy programme, so I’m glad there’s no partner in my life to watch me make a prat of myself doing this one!
Chunk found this hilarious, and thought it was a game, so I managed to kill two birds with one stone by doing this, and I also had a mini helper clapping behind me! The idea behind using sound comes from ancient times when people thought it would remove evil spirits, and a more scientific view is that air can carry the sound vibrations to break up bad vibes.
Having plants in your home is supposed to be a good way to chase that bad energy out, whilst also refreshing our air as they breathe out lovely oxygen for us. This is not an easy one for me, as for some reason I tend to always kill any plants, usually because I forget to water them or I overwater them!
I also have a hyper little toddler dude, who likes pulling flowers up when outside, and I don’t want to risk that in the flat!

So I’ve opted for low maintenance plants, including some herbs which we can also eat once they have grown. I hope these count as plants, as my knowledge of flowers and plants is miniscule!
If you are more confident with keeping plants alive, then the recommended plants that help the best are Peace Lily, Bamboo Palm and Golden Pothos.
As we all know, crystals also come from the natural earth, and Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Black Obsidian, Citrine and Canelian are just some of the healing stones that can be used; Place them in the corners of each room and one at the front door to repel negative energy.
If you’re poor like me, salt is another natural source you can use instead. Sea, rock or regular salt can be used, and is just put on a small plate and left in the corner of the room. This may be why people throw salt over their shoulder for luck, and you can even sprinkle salt on your floors and then hoover it up a few hours later- that’s one I will only try when Chunk’s at nursery I think!
This is one I do most days anyway, which is to light a candle. I’m a huge vanilla-scented candle fan, so most evenings I will light one to enjoy the aroma and it helps me relax. Before you light your candle, you’re supposed to say a little prayer or invocation, such as: “Let no sadness come through this door, Let no trouble come to this dwelling, Let no fear come through this door, Let no conflict be in this place, Let this home be filled with the blessing of joy, and peace.”
Some people walk around their home repeating their prayer whilst holding the candle. With a toddler always following me, this is not something I am prepared to do, so I will say a little prayer when I first light it.


Water is the universal solvent, meaning it can dissolve physical things like chemicals, but also invisible things such as negative energy. Remember Holy Water? This is something they suggest you spray around your home using a spritzer bottle.
You can make Holy Water a few ways, but as usual I will always choose the easiest way, which is to boil some water to purify it, and then hold your hands over the water and pray.
My Own Healing Tip: Decluttering
Another thing I have found SO useful recently has been to declutter. It feels so good when I have gone through all my clothes and found lots to sell or donate to charity, or when I get rid of DVDs I no longer watch or unused toys.
Last week I decluttered my living room to the point where I was able to remove some large pieces of furniture from it and it now looks double in size! I’ve noticed I feel calmer in that room now, and Chunk is spending more time actually playing in this room, rather than dive-bombing off the sofa and throwing things around it. He clearly loves the extra space, but I also think he’s responding to the much more calm vibe in that room too.
I also find that spending hours cleaning and removing things we don’t use means I’m not sitting around feeling sorry for myself, and I get a real buzz out of constantly improving our home. It’s also meant we have more space, which in turn makes it feel more fresh and clean, so all total plusses in my book!

Do you have any other good tips for banishing the negativity, or even encouraging the positivity to come in?

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