Due to being VERY broke now I am self-employed and not being able to work many hours due to childcare issues, I have had to look at frugal ways to give people gifts this year.

Chunk has made a few friends this year through the groups we attend (and so have I yay!) so I wanted to give them all a little gift from him for Christmas.

I spent some time looking on Pinterest (one of my favourite ways to get inspired) and came up with the idea of making sweet cones.

All I had to do was order some sweet cone wrappers which I found on Ebay, and I bought lots of different sweets from my local 99p store. I managed to get some retro sweets like spaceships as well as some Haribos, marshmallows and lollipops.

diy homemade sweet cones
My Sweet Cone Creations!

For some of the younger children I used flavoured rice cakes and natural fruit sweets as a healthier alternative, and then used some candy canes on the front.

I wrote their names on the front with a gold marker pen and I am really pleased with the result!

We have already started giving them out and I love the kids’ little faces when they see a huge cone full of sweets for them!

For the slightly older children I found some Giant Candy Canes on Stocking Fillers which should give them a few hours of fun!

If you give these a try, send me a photo!

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