• Out With The Old And In With The New

    28th September 2017

    I’ve been through so many changes recently, including getting rid of an abusive partner, completing a year-long course in community development and dealing with a difficult depression and anxiety episode. After all of this I feel like having a life declutter, as some of these experiences have really shown me who cares about me, and…

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  • Tip And Tricks To Find Free Stuff Online

    19th October 2016

    There’s so many different discounts and free products online, and contrary to popular belief, these are often things you need or would use.

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  • We’ve Got Through The First Week of School

    16th September 2016

    So the first school week is over and all I can say is…phew! There’s been such a build up to this week for months; – preparing Chunk for leaving nursery and moving to a big school, and of course buying the dreaded uniform and accessories. He loved the first day, because only 8 pupils were…

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  • 5 Tips For The Perfect Kitchen

    23rd July 2016

    The kitchen is the centre of my home without a doubt. Like most parents, it’s the room I tend to spend the most time in, so it’s important to me that it’s an enjoyable space to be in.  Efficient layout and storage is essential. I have a bad habit of using my kitchen as a…

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  • Lino Printing with Anna Hayman

    18th June 2016

    Anna Hayman Range I was invited to a blogger’s craft morning a couple of weeks ago, hosted by homewares designer Anna Hayman, where I got to learn a bit about lino cutting and printing and even got to create my own designs. Myself and four other Sussex-based bloggers spent the morning chatting, eating cake and…

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  • Decluttering Marie Kondo Style!

    27th March 2016

    Spring is finally here and it’s given me the urge to declutter and revamp our home. I’ve been reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying a very famous book by Marie Kondo about the art of decluttering and it’s motivated me so much! Some of the book is a bit odd, where you have to thank your clothes…

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  • Now I Have A Boyfriend I Need A New Bed…

    20th January 2016

    As you know I now have a boyfriend and I’ve started to notice that some things need to change, and first off, rather embarrassingly, is my bed! My bed squeaks with the slightest (innocent) movement and even getting in and out of it sounds like the whole thing is going to collapse! I’m convinced that’s…

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  • The Importance of Privacy in Your Home

    23rd December 2015

    Taking the time to relax is vital After a long day at work with lots of polite chatter, deadlines to meet and focus to be held, the thought of getting home and closing the door on the world is very inviting. However, what responsibilities lie therein? You love your family, flatmates and friends but having…

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  • My 2015 Jar

    4th January 2015

    Happy new year guys! Hope you all had a lovely, food-filled, tantrum free (or reduced) Christmas. I had a lovely time and as usual it was over before I had time to sit and enjoy my boozy Christmas cake. This is the time of year that you hear everyone going on about “New Year New…

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  • DIY Sweet Cones as Christmas Gifts

    12th December 2014

    Due to being VERY broke now I am self-employed and not being able to work many hours due to childcare issues, I have had to look at frugal ways to give people gifts this year. Chunk has made a few friends this year through the groups we attend (and so have I yay!) so I…

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