• Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations

    4th December 2014

    Last week when Chunk and I house sat for my family, we decided to make some Christmas tree decorations! Our family over in Canada sent over a pack of tree decorations to decorate and Chunk loved it! It would be really easy to do without the pack too, all you need is some coloured, thin…

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  • Cable and Cotton Lights: A Review

    30th November 2014

    Cable and Cotton Caramel Swirl Lights (click to enlarge image) As the days are getting darker a lot earlier now we are heading into winter, I have been looking at prettier ways to light my living room. That’s where Cable and Cotton come in! Cable and Cotton are a local, Brighton company, but they are…

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  • DIY / Upcycling: A Shoerack

    1st November 2014

    The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has yet again been proved by yours truly. I visited my mother the other day and as I rolled up the drive I noticed her neighbour had left out an old, wooden shoe rack with their rubbish. It was still fully-functioning but just didn’t look too…

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  • DIY / Upcycling: My Small Hallway Table (Rustoleum)

    4th October 2014

    Upcycling some chest of drawers for Chunk last week with Rustoleum products has really inspired me to carry on upcycling other furniture in our home . I’ve already completed another project in just a couple of evenings whilst watching my soaps and thought I would show you! I have a small table in my hallway…

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  • DIY / UPCYCLING: Mending My Toddler-Destroyed Headboard

    27th September 2014

    I’m still astounded by the damage and chaos a tiny toddler can cause within a matter of minutes seconds. Chunk was sitting on my bed quite peacefully and happily playing on his tablet and reading some books whilst I was hoovering the room, so I thought it was safe to run the hoover around the spare…

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  • Anyone Else Thinking About The C Word? Homesense Inspiration

    13th September 2014

    Wash your mouth out, I’m referring to the scariest word known to many parents: CHRISTMAS. My Slow Cooker Xmas Cake Yes I know it’s September, but this one day unfortunately takes a lot of financial and creative planning, and for someone who still has baby brain like me this is something I have to start…

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  • #GreatBritishHome Challenge: My Theatrical Toilet

    24th April 2014

    I took a little quiz yesterday by Victoria Plumb to see what my ‘celebrity home style’ was, and I think the result was spot on! My interior design style is apparently “QUIRKY but oh-so-cool, like Jess and Nick from New Girl. I fuse vintage finds with offbeat pieces and home comforts. I love to mix it up”. I’ve…

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  • DIY

    DIY: Toybox On A Budget

    28th June 2013

    Who wants to see my latest cheap (but great) creation for my little boy? As you all know I’m on a very tight budget, but I refuse to let my son go without; I just have to think of creative ways to get things sometimes!

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