Anyone Else Thinking About The C Word? Homesense Inspiration

13th September 2014
Wash your mouth out, I’m referring to the scariest word known to many parents: CHRISTMAS.

Homesense Christmas Ideas
My Slow Cooker Xmas Cake
Yes I know it’s September, but this one day unfortunately takes a lot of financial and creative planning, and for someone who still has baby brain like me this is something I have to start early.
I made my Christmas cake last week, and I did it in my new slow cooker as it has become my favourite gadget at the moment.
I made it early last year and topped it up with alcohol once a week and it was beautiful- got drunk on one little slice of the stuff, so intending to do the same this year!
I have been buying small bargains here and there over the months for the boys, and now that Chunk has a lot more awareness of what things are, I want to make it more special this year.
I’ve thought about making magic reindeer food that he can leave at the window, using glitter and porridge oats, and now I’m thinking about decorations. 
Homesense Christmas Ideas
My Fab, Vintage-Style Bargain!
HomeSense had a Christmas launch party recently and I was gutted that I couldn’t attend. However, the lovely people that they are, they still sent me the goodie bag which included a lovely voucher (which I spent the next day in TK Maxx and the Home Sense aisle) and their Christmas catalogue.
I found an absolute bargain in the Home Sense section, which was this beautiful, vintage-inspired cake tin set. Those of you that read my fashion blog know how much I love vintage, and these were reduced from an RRP of £20 to under £4! 
The smallest tin currently has my Christmas cake in it… yum. 
Their catalogue has some stunning bits that I really want, which I’ve added as a picture below. I love their lights and think these would look amazing around all of our windows, as Chunk loves pretty lighting and the stars in the sky. 
Homesense Christmas Ideas
My Faves From Home Sense Xmas Range
I have a huge love for all things silver, so the silver wreath looks fabulous and I want it in my hallway immediately, all year round!
I am getting into shabby chic, and soon you will start seeing posts where I have decoupaged various furniture in my home on the cheap, so when I saw the white display house I thought it would fit so well with my planned themes. I would definitely attempt to make small Christmas objects to put on that, as well as edible calendar gifts for Chunk.
I just need to save my pennies so I can actually buy these things…and quick!
Have you started doing anything for Christmas yet?
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