Now I Have A Boyfriend I Need A New Bed…

20th January 2016
As you know I now have a boyfriend and I’ve started to notice that some things need to change, and first off, rather embarrassingly, is my bed!

My bed squeaks with the slightest (innocent) movement and even getting in and out of it sounds like the whole thing is going to collapse! I’m convinced that’s why Chunk sometimes wakes up literally the second I get into bed come to think of it, let alone if mummy ever wants to get any action.

Believe me I’m cringing while I write this, but I’m sure you’ve all been there! My bed is getting on a bit as I’ve had it for seven years, and I heard recently that you should change it every eight years so I’ve started to browse for a bargain.

The sales are coming to an end so as usual I haven’t planned very well, but I’ve noticed online companies such as Mattress Next Day seem to still have lots of sale and clearance offers. I’ve used this company before when I got my rather comfy mattress topper, and they literally keep to their namesake and deliver the next day which is handy.

I’ve noticed a couple of beds they have on sale which would look very nice in my bedroom, including the Delaware Bedframe Chenille Cream. My bedroom is dark purple and cream and I’ve always wanted a white or cream bed and this looks luxurious.

The only issue would be the lack of storage, and for a girl that has a lot of junk in a small flat hidden storage is a bit of a necessity.

So my next choice would be the Birlea Wheat Brooklyn Fabric Ottoman Bedframe because it has rather good storage which is hidden as opposed to the current divan drawers I have, so Chunk can’t access it which is a plus!

I guess the only thing left to tick off my checklist of bed requirements is the non-squeakiness test. 
So I may have to go to a few stores and do the whole jumping up and down on them in front of the salesmen, or better yet get The Bloke to do it!

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