Efficient layout and storage is essential. I have a bad habit of using my kitchen as a dumping ground for old utensils, post and recycling that it can get in the way of me being able to use it for its main purpose.

There are so many ways you can improve the organisation of your kitchen, from draw-out gadgets and finding space for extra shelves, to improving the quality of your kitchen worktops with a natural material like granite or marble.  

Having an open, organised kitchen where you can cook, eat, clean and socialise without hindrances and dangers is incredibly important. A clean and organised kitchen is good for both practicality, comfort and my overall mental health!

The kitchen sink can accumulate 100,000 more germs than your toilet seat if it’s not cleaned regularly! This is most common with cluttered, low-quality surfaces but this is one of the least obvious of a variety of health and safety hazards in the kitchen.

Kitchen designer Max de Viet has five tips to consider when trying to organise or design your kitchen: