Attempting To Get Healthy: Where Do I Start?

22nd July 2016
It has come to that time yet again when I want to attempt to get healthier. Longstanding readers of this blog know that this is something I have attempted quite a few times during the four years I’ve been post-baby.

Attempting To Get Healthy: Where Do I Start?

I’ve tried detox teas, low calorie meals and even juicing which was a pretty horrendous experience for me looking back, but none have managed to work.

Don’t get me wrong, those things helped kickstart my healthier lifestyle, but they’re short term fixes. I need to find the long term methods and more importantly maintain my motivation which is something I really struggle with.

I have about five stone to lose to look and feel better. I am aiming initially to lose two stone.

I am going to try the good old-fashioned way of trying to cut down my portions and eating clean wherever possible. This will include snacking on things like fruit and veg instead of crisps and little packets of sweets which are fast becoming a naughty habit. It will also involve me going through my recipe books again and getting the slow cooker out!

I love clean eating but I don’t like the time it takes to cook from scratch, mainly because my organisation skills have become quite poor since being a mum.

Any suggestions on how to improve my organisation again would be much appreciated! I am starting a bullet journal this week as I hear these help you to keep focused on all daily tasks and goals, so I will keep you posted of how this goes.

Attempting To Get Healthy: Where Do I Start?

I have a Fitbit, so intend to try to achieve my 11,000 steps every day so that I can then start increasing the daily goal, and I’m going to write a new exercise schedule full of yoga and pilates, which will hopefully help my mind calm down as well as keep me fit.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about waist trainers, so am thinking about trying one out as they require minimal effort which is always a plus for me. Since having Chunk my stomach shape has changed and not in a way that I like, so I would try it to see if my shape could change for the better.

And where all else fails, there’s always good old Spanx!

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