“I Lub You Mummy” – I’m So Proud!

1st March 2014
It always makes me feel so warm and fuzzy when my two year old nephew says “Love you Cwaire” (yes he thinks its a “w” at the moment) and I’ve been waiting for the day that Chunk says it…


Last night we were just cuddling on the sofa, winding down for bedtime, and as usual I bombarded him with “Love you Chunk” etc, and I sometimes then say “Love you mummy” to show him it can be said back, and this time he copied me and said “Lub you mummay!”


His sentences are coming along so well now, and once he starts nursery after his second birthday at the end of this month, I imagine his language and phonics are going to soar!

I think when he first tells me he loves me of his own accord without me saying the L word, that will be when I cry like a baby…

It’s little moments like this that really make life worth living, and all the hard times evaporate.

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